1990's Photos

12-31-99, around 11 am. With Cindy
Martha makes me mustache 12-31-98 Hospitol trust plaza 12/31/98 Workin at Berklee. 12-98 Me w/ Sakai(?) 12-98.
At Berklee, age 18.
Berklee ID, July 98. Me photo ID. Eating bread & butter, '98 Avoiding loud noises, D C 98 Nice tits, hotel in DC, 98 At giant foot with Kristine Sucking giant toe, 12th grade Close Up trip in DC, 12th Arguing in DC, April 1998 With new pal Mandy Johnson Farting with my eye, dc 1998 With class mate Will in DC After some great BBQ in DC In hotel on DC school trip, 4-98 Julie's hair cut 12-31-97. At school, holoween '95. With Sarah Baumgardel fall 95 In a tree, fall 95 from 10th gr yr bk
In Quabec, Canada in 1995 with group that inspired Water Song.
Age 15, atop Appelacian Mountains in Maine, with the same group that inspired The Water Song.
In Maine with girls, 8- 95. Play "Boys Of Syracuse" 9th Gr. 12/94, from 9th Gr. Yearbook. After 8th grade grad. 6-94 Before 8th Grade Grad. With Oleg Tukh as Oprah 8th Grade Drama 8th Grade Year Book Photo Indian Rock, 8th Grade LoriLynn's Farm, Sept.'93 8th Grade Advisor Group, Yrbk Photo Nationality day, 6th Grade '92 5th grade school photo At Nana's, age 10. Play baseball w/ cousins, sum. '90 Doing something, summer 1990 Inspecting valuble coin, age 10. 4th grade school photo Spring 1990, Mom's med. grad.