I don't like MP3s. Why??? Because I hate digital sound. I would pay top dollar for an analog format before downloading one of these shitty sounding digital pieces for free. If you think I'm wrong, you don't know what your talking about. The piracey doesn't bother me too much, though the record industry could easily save itself billions of dollars by pushing analog formats, insted of digital ones with which copies sound exactley as bad as origianals.

I do see MP3 as a good way to lissen to samples of music you haven't heard before to see if you like it. It is for that reason that I have opted to offer some MP3s off my records.

MP3s from upcoming releases

1. Bee Careful Of Da Beez - 3:42 - 4.3 MB

2. I Like To Ejaculate- 4:38 - 5.4 Megs

3. Disney Tease - 3:36 - 8.3 MB

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MP3s from "Titty Titty Yum Yum"

1. Macaroni, Macaroni - 1:34 - 1.5 MB

2. Mrs. Doubt Fire - 3:03 - 3.6 Megs

3. Disneyland Of My Heart - 2:45 - 3.2 MB

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MP3s from "Sonnets Set To Music"

currently out of print

Unreleased Songs & Demos

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