I have 75 extra Giant Rats email addresses to give away. So, I've decided to let you have one, and only one. Read on.

When Applying
I have decided to do the Giant Rat email service on an application basis. This is so I can prevent Dave Mathews from signing up, as well as spammers and can also keep people from having 5 email addresses. I only have so many and I have decided to conserve. Also, I have to sign you up manuelly, myself. When you fill out that form to sign up, it emails me your information and then I create the account for you. Austomation is too expensive. I should let you know, though, that what ever you choose as your password, I am going to see it. I have tried to find a way around this, but I am not a super duper web programmer, and that's just how it works right now. How ever, I give you my solomn oath that I will not ever use it. I have no need to, and your email is probably pretty boring anyways. So what good what do me to look??? I will also not tell any one your password. I do, you can sue me for $500. The last thing you should know is that I will have your password on file. That way, you can let me know if you forgot your password.

Junk Mail
I will not be sending you junk mail. I will not be giving your address out. Any junk mail you recieve is from other people you have given this address to. Likewise, if you are sending out junk mail, I will make sure you never have an email address again.

I have come up with an extraordinarily clever way for me and you to comunicate through the web with out email so we can solve your problem easily. If you are having trouble, click on the appropriate link below.

Using An Email Program
Your Giant Rats email address is a pop account. What this means is you can use an email program on your computer for your email, in addition to or insted of using this web program, such as Claris Emailer, Eudora or countless other programs. Your program will probably ask you for the following information.

Email Account: . This should be your entire Giant Rats email address.
SMPT Server:

Your program will ask you for other stuff too, like your name, and if you like hot and sexy co-eds, barely legal and ready to please. But you can figure that stuff out your self, can't ya?

Any other questions?? Send me an email at