but I prefer Money Orders

If you don't have a credit card, Send me a check or go to any post office and ask for a money order. Make payment out to Ben Garber and send to:

Ben Garber
151 First Ave #140
NYC, NY 10003

Remember to include your address. You should also include a phone number and enail address in case of a problem. Also, its a good idea to enail me at tendonitus@giantrats.com and let me know you are sending a check or money order.

• Sonnets Set To Music: OUT OF PRINT!! Do not order at this time.
• Anthologies: $6
• Lance Romañce Click Pen $1.25
• Shirts (please specifiy design and size: s, m, girl m, l, xl) $13 each view page
• Gratuities are greatly appreciated

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: 2 bucks for CDs, 3 bucks for shirts. Pens are 50 cents, but if you order another item, I will just throw them in for free.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for your Lance Romañce stuff to arrive. It will probably be there quicker, it could be there within a week, but i say 2 or 3 weeks to be safe. I send everything via book rate mail. A lot of it depnds on where you live

Trading For My CD
I am willing to make an occasional trade for my CD. I will not trade for your CD (Maybe for your LP though, I don't have a CD player), but there are many things i will trade for with no problem. If you know what I like, just send it along. If not, email me at tendonitus@giantrats.com and make an offer.

Return Policy
If you don't like the product, you may send it back. Just send it back and you will be refunded. You should also email me at tendonitus@giantrats.com to let me know you are sending it back. Unfortunately, I can not be responsable for return shipping charges, so you have to cover those. It is for this reason i recomend that if you don't like it, you should just give it to somebody else. But, if you do send it back, send it book rate, as it costs a little over a dollar.

If you have any questions, enail me at tendonitus@giantrats.com