58: Wednesday = Canceled Show
Mon, Jan 8, 2007 03:53 Nit

Happy Elvis Day, Everybody!!! Its the time of year again, when we honor the king and go to the jailhouse to ROCK. Well, I dunno. Happy birthday, Elvis. My best to you and yours.

I just wanted to mention quickly that my show this Wednesday at The Sidewalk has been canceled for several reasons. Not one reason, but many. Many unknown to you, maybe. Anyhoo, I'll keep you posted. But, no, don't go to see me this Wednesday. Go to see Barry Bliss, he's still playing.

The weather has been crappy for January, being that it is still so warm. I have mixed feeling about the cold, I hate it and love it. I like being cozy when its cold outside, and there is something, I dunno, nostalgic maybe, about cold weather, especially since it seems to not exist any more. Remember days of yore when winter would come just one year more?? I like walking around casually in a t-shirt and no pants. But this is ridiculous, freaks me out, and kind of scares me. Have we destroyed winter?? Surely, though, there must have been some pretty warm winters in the 1800s, just by pure natural fluke, no??? Not like this, though. This has been RETARDED.
I always like it when people say "Sure, I'd like to play golf in January, global warming's great," or when Stephan Write said "Global warming started when the cold war ended," but I dunno, ya, at the end of the day, golf sucks and the cold war kind of did too. Though its not to say we aren't entering another one with North Korea, or what ever, so maybe that will cure global warming, no???

The goodness of a person can be determined by their willingness to help an old woman across the street. Huh??? I've never understood this. Is it from days of yore, was that a regular thing??? I dunno. Curiosity. If I see you helping an old woman across the street, I would call you an asshole, and so would she, probably. Don't insult her by assuming she is incapable.

Anyhoo, don't come Wednesday, but keep in touch, let me know how your kids are.

A Fly's Eyes,
Ben Garr Barr
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