57: My Music: An Anouncement
Mon, Nov 13, 2006 04:06 Nit

Ya, listen, I have no idea what i am doing or what will happen, but Barry Bliss, my roommate, for some reason decided to ask me to fill in the 7:30 slot on Wednesday, JANUARY 10th. At the, uh, at, uh, the, uh um *mumbles* Sidewalk. That gives me time, and pressure, to put together a new half hour of something. Music?? I dunno. Movies?? I dunno. Maybe even just talking. God knows, because I'll be hell damned if I play Sexy Bowler Girl one more time. Nothing old, everything new. But what?? Fuck, I'm already super nervous and I haven't even, uh, I dunno. Anything. I haven't anything! I guess I will find myself a band of some sort. i don't want to sing anything. It will either be instrumental, or if there is singing, someone else will be singing. I have sat through so much crap at the sidewalk, just god awful stuff. I will not be one of those, and who ever the sound person is that night, my goal is to just entertain the sound person. God knows who it will be, probably a monkey, knowing Lach. God, I am so nervous, and I was just asked to do this this morning. Fuck my balls. What will I even call myself?? I think I will call my band, actually, because this is how I feel about the world, so it will be a good name. And it is "Suck My Balls." The name of my new band is just that, I think. At least for that night, Maybe. Or maybe not.

I have been thinking a lot about music. About what people really like. The idea that people don't actually have taste in music, and that there is simply good and bad. People react to different things differently, like if you find out your girl friend is cheating, everyone reacts differently, but still, people do react the similarly to a cheating girlfriend, no matter who they are. Music is the same way, its not a matter of taste, just how you deal with different situations, but ultimately, if you react at all, than I have done a good job.
That and, so, what is it that people like in music??? Love. Here is why: Well, you know its true. Its just that over the past several years, people have had less and less say in what becomes popular music. Because the record the pop charts are determined largely by airplay, and airplay over the years has been over the past years as been determined by executives in Texas, who work for advertisers. So advertisers have been deciding airplay, and there for the pop charts. And thats why all the songs on the radio now are about sex, cause sex sells. Sex songs are nice, but this is the only time in history that sex songs have been more popular than love songs, and its also the time in history when the pop charts have been the least democratic. Single sales play a part in the pop charts too, but not nearly as much, especially since the record companies stopped selling singles since they cost the same to make as a regular CD. I think iTunes and the like was only incorporated into the pop charts about a year ago, and even so, hasn't made much of a dent. Airplay is still the determinate, and now that play lists aren't even determined locally, music is therefore dead. At least in popular form.
Anyhoo, what we do learn is that when people DID choose what got played on the radio, and therefor made the pop charts, is that it was beautiful love songs. Emotional songs!! Something with a melody you can hum, not a rap song about lady lumps, though I do like that song, but you know, it doesn't serve the same purpose. I would call Lady Lumps a novelty song. Vocal choruses are very effective too.

That being said, god knows what i will do with my own stuff. I know what i DON"T want to do, and that's novelty music. I love old country music, and I love loud grunge music. Some where in there, i will find something beautiful, loving, sad, and angsty. And wanting a drink. Or maybe I won't do any of those things. I have 2 and half months to come up with something, and only a half hours worth, which means 15-20 minutes will be fine. I am nervous about people showing up because then i have to be a showman. But i will be myself as one, and relax, and do something new.

Anyhoo, I hope you are very well. Keep in touch. I have also been thinking about how with radio and tv, it started off with wireless, then switched to cable, then internet came on through cable, and is now switching back to wireless. People can be fickle sometimes.

Mark you calendars!!!

Which reminds me, its that tie of year again, that my next concert will actually require a new calendar to mark. Or an old calendar! I don't like today's printing methods, and prefer to go with old fashioned calendars from years past, which is entirely possible if you just figure out which past years match up exactly with this one. Well, in 2007, the following years will be fine and dandy, so look for some on ebay or something:

2001, 1990, 1979, 1973, 1962, 1951, 1945, 1934, 1923, 1917, 1906

If you want a calendar from before 1906, get a life. You're living in the past, and its time to get a new calendar. Me myself will be using a 1962 Eckard Drugstore calendar that I also used in 2001. Unless I can find my Super Mario Bros. calendar from 1990, I hope my mom didn't throw it out. I like it best using the family calendar from when I was a kid, because it has all these REALLY OLD appointments marked on it like "Ben's School Vacation" or something. But an old clean one is nice to, because sentiment is for fools. Anyhoo, when you find this calendar, and have it in your hands, mark January 10th at 7:30 pm at the sidewalk cafe. Its an important show, and I hope you will be there.

Anyhoo, ya, I'll see you later. give me a ring if you want to get married, or just have lunch. i'll see you later.

Lots of love,
the self defecating,
Been Garg Berg
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