55: Chicagoitian Sort Of Showieeeee
Thu, Oct 5, 2006 04:56 Nit

Hi everyone. I am in Chicago, and I realise i forgot to tell you that i'm playing in Chicago tonite. yes, it is with DWLB's Joe Griffin for his See dee Ree Lee Sss partay. I go on at 9pmm at Hotti Biscotti:, (3545 W. Fullerton Ave), and then will be returning home to nNew York to begin a new job, and drink my troubles away.

Chciago still bores me. i don't know what folks do around here. it is nicer than New Yrok in that its not as pretentious, but on the other hand the foods not as good, the transit is not as good, its too automobiely, people are nerdier, people are 10 Lbs heavier, and uh, my dick smells. I mean, I dunno. Its a different place, it seems ok and all, just havent found anything GREAT yet. There are some nice record stores, I hope to hit them up tomorrow.

Gosh, yeah, so here is a nice thing that happoned to me a week ago tomorrow. Is that i was in my room, drinking up a storm. Anyhoo, someone in my building had a party, and a young couple climbed the fire escape. They were in front of my window staring at me and comenting one me. In retrospect, it would have been cool if I had talked to them and let them in. But i was too drunk to notice them, until the girl said "Oh my god!! He's jacking off!" I put my dick away, and looked out the window and the girl said "Oh my god he's looking at me." The fact was, I was too drunk to see her. As she was leaving, she told me she liked my penis, which I soon took out again and finished doing what i was doing. So that was my most exciting friday night in a while. As far as I know, at least.

We are preparing the release of a new 7" record soon, and though it is months a way still, people seem to like it. i think it sucks, personally. but other people do seem to like it. You can check out the ruff edits I did on the website of mine ( http://www.giantrats.com/mp3s ), and decide for your self, but yeah, don't worry, they will suck my ass mega time by the thyme of my looms when they come out on double sided vinyl. I really hate that kind of music, I want every one to know. This is only being released so I can get a free trip to Europe. But check it out, its cool. Sothey say.

Anyhoo, i'll catch you in the future of the muture.
See you tonite,
Or I'll see your friends who you are sending my way.

The National Sneer Of Texas,
Lance Romañce
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