54: War In The Mid West
Sun, Jul 30, 2006 11:10 Morn

Sup. folks. Its me, Lance, and I'm just letting you know I will be in Chicago and Detroit this a week a. And it should be fun. I'm going to bring some baloons and cake, so it will be like a real party. Anyhoo, here is the info:

Chicago: Wednesday*
Detroit: This Thursday (w/ The Creaky Boards)**

*I dont really have a show in Chicago, its open mic trip. Ugh, so geigh. Anyhoo, lets get some beer if yoiur around.
**The show is at a place called the Village Idiot. It is on the outskirts, but technically still in "Detroit" around 9 Mile Rd and Mack. Doors open at eight. Band start at nine. One of my friends bands will play, probably something really awful sounding. Then you. Then me. Free beer all night. Thursday night. August 3. Love Andrew.

As for the rest of the world, they will be there too, so make sure you come by and say hello. Hope your well.

Its been thought of recently that it would be nice if Frank Sinatra had played all of Jack Nicolson's roles in movies. He would make a great Joker, and selling drugs to Peter Fonda would be nice. But it was One Flew Over The Coucou's Nest that sold me, and Frank Sintra in The Shining would have been amazing, no doubt.

I wanted to tell you about New Orleans, where I played not TOO long ago. It was a stranged town, real empty and uh a little dirty and stuff,. There were LOTS AND LOTS of signs that said "For Rent," "For Sale," or "Now Hiring." Which says a lot. There was a Wendy's that had a big sign out front that said "$125 Weekly Pay Bonus. $250 extra per paycheck." Which means that checks come out every two weeks. But frankly, when Wendy's is offering that much extra, you get a sense how bad things really are down there, as well as just how important Wendy's Emplyees really are.
I played two shows there in one night, all thanks to Mr Eric Martinez. One show was for some scummy kids, and it went really well. However, the second show was the one to remember. It was a country music bar, and there were all these folks in there who wanted to listen to old country music while they drank their beers. A DJ was spinning old 45s of Marty Robbins and stuff like that when I showed up to interupt. I didn't have ANYone with me, it was a solo show, which I hate, but they said that I would get %15 percent of the bar while I played, so I played as long as I fucking could, doubling the length of most songs. Anyhoo, blah blah blah blah blah. And old man who looked like Carl Oldie Olson walked in durring Urinal Urinal, and started cracking up. But when they wanted more country music and started complaining to each other at the bar, I heard it yelled "He's not nearly as bad as most of the people that play here!" Man, that was awesome!
The people in New Orleans were rules, and they are sorely missed Hope all is well down there, folks!!!

Anyho,o..... what else.

Well, lets call it a day for now.
I hope all is good,
like you know it should.

Word up.
See you in Chicago and Detroit!!!

Sarijul & Mujibar's replacement,
alnce Romañce
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