51: Mamoryneck Beach
Mon, May 22, 2006 05:22 Nit


Ugh, what a warm day, isn't it??? The past few weeks of rain have been hell, I'm tired of it, and am happy to see the sunshine. How ever, let it be said is that when the sun disappears tomorrow, that I will be plaing at CAKE SHOP here in New York. I'm at Matt's house now, using his computor, and maybe, just maybe, he will be playing keyboards. If you are lucky.

Anyhoo, here is my upcoming concert schecuale, which I will attempt to remind you 'bout soon. Err, well, latter, but when the shows are sooner. Anyhoo, here goes:

THIS TUES: New York Citay:
:: Daniel Higgs ----------> from Lungfish
:::: WZT Hearts
:::::: Lance Romance
:::::::: Zeke Healy
[ CAKESHOP ]152 Ludlow St @ Rivington | Lower East Side, Manhattan | F-Delancey, JMZ-Essex | 8pm | $6 | 212.253.0036

and then....
June 9: Providence, RI: Oakie St.
June 14: Los Angeleeeees - The Cocaine @ Live Jazz

As for everything else in the world, fuck it all. For example, the Post Office. Fuck the post office!!!

I'll see you all later. Matt is playing the piano loudly and badly, and its making it hard to concentrate, but I guess its his house. It is nice playing, just the piano is out of tune. So I'll just leave you at that.

Si ewe 2's dae

A Pillar In The Halls Of Medicine,
Lance Romañce

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