50: The Drilling of The President
Fri, Apr 28, 2006 12:30 Nite

Hi Every Body. I am in New York and just wanted to write you all and thank you for the nice tour.

I should let you know that I have a show tonight in Jolly Ol' Brooklyn, chap!

1087 Broadway @ Dekalb | Bushwick, Brooklyn
J to Kosciuszko | 8pm | all ages | 718.453.6343

Also playing, I know, are Dan Decan, some band from Olympia, as well as some others. If you can't make it, than at least send me your regaurds and let me know how your doing.

Anyhoo, it was a nice tour. The highlight was by far night in Chicago, the night before leaving for Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti. Well, see, I don't know exactly what happoned. I was staying at my friend Kat's house, and drinking some thoroat clearing Vodka Tea. It was delicious. Anyhoo, the next thing I know, I am waking up. I don't know what time it is, but I'm lying naked in her bathroom with a huge cut on my nose and under my eye. Oh, and there was puke EVERY where. No one is exactly sure what happoned, or how I got all cut up, but, alas, I'm absoutely positive it was the highlight of the tour. I mean it must have been, right??? I seem to remember some where in there taking a bath, trying to was off all the puke. I had to depart at 6 am, and hop on the train, and was wondering why I was unable to rid my self of the puke smell, when I discovered it was in my hair, dangling under my nose.
In Ypsilanti, MI, the town I actually played, the show went well, I got a scathing letter from a woman I'd offended, made love to a girl on the steps of a church* and woke up in her car, and then took the drummer from that town to Detroit to another show, which had gotten a full page write up in the local free weekly, but still, I am going to just assume, just assume that the highlight was actually the night I woke up with cuts on my face.

* I don't actually remember this.

And now for letters....

The first letter this week is from Bernard K of Trollyduff, SL:

[Dear Lance,]

hey that article is great! congrats. i get the impression from your various reports that the tour is good. and who would have thought potato vodka came in tea form. you are truly taking the country by storm. the lance romance empire must be built piece by piece
pretty day here, sunny, spring flowering trees baby squirrels, girls, etc.
tonight i will see huggabroom at sidewalk.
hoping sara's there with her breasts.


Dear Bernard,

Yeah, its going alright. Hey, I'm back in town. Let's go get a burger. How's Sara?


Anyhoo, for those of you interested, there is ONE show, a radio show that, had been done in the town of Los Angeles. You can hear it right now:

stuffing sock in Batman Costume

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So, here is the radio show we did last week on KXLU in Los Angeles.


I perform later during the show, using the musician, Murdered Man, who played during the earlier part, who I never met before, and a friend of mine, Matt Van Winkle, who had heard my songs, but we never practiced. They both play acoustic guitar, while I play bass, sing, and direct. Its an OK show, I'm wierd about acoustic guitars, but fuck you to hell. They are there, deal with them.


Anyhoo, until next time, see you later. Send me a letter, and tell me what's up. Come to my show that's tonight, if your in New York, or even if your not in New York. The world is at our finger tips, and togeather we can conquer the universe, and throw pizzas at it.

Anyhoo, see you later. Word up, G.

Experto De OH!!! I was going to talk about the mexicans!! This country is built on Mexicans. And they need our support and solidarity, and I was to encourage all the NON mexicans I know, including myself, to be fully supportive. And if you have an n in your name, turn it into an ñ.

Anyhoo, I'll see you later.

Experto De Puerto Rico,
Lance Romañce

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