46: Austin and uh Los Angelees
Sun, Apr 9, 2006 10:34 Mor

Hi everyone. Im writing from BK Martins computer here in Birmingham. Its a lot like Canada down here, in that its directly south or north, everyone speaks in English, but yet its still kind of a different world. A lot of these people have southern, alabamian accidents, like they do in Canada, but then, surprise, surprise, turn out to be cool.

Let me mention quickly my next two shows:
AUSTIN this Monday at Room 710 in Austin.
Los Angeles this Wednesday at The Cocaine at Live Jazz. IMPORTANT NOTE: My show has been moved to 7pm, so youll have to be there early, as will I. No exceptions.)

After a 9,624 hour bus ride from New York, I arrived in Birmingham last night JUST in time for my show. Not knowing what to expect from kids around here... Gosh, all these things I had previously thought and expected from the south.... you know, lynchings and all, they held back last night and let me play. I asked everyone to meow, and a few people did, then played Sexy Bowler Girl. And the crowd seemed to love this, so The Bees, and some other Lance Romace songs of mine. I had to keep singing, because when I did instrumental bits, the crowd would start talking, but would stop when I sang again, though towards the end, they let me do anything I wanted to them, and it was good. The crowd kept rhythm for me by clapping and banging on things, BK Martin stood on the side, doing sound, playing an electro drum and a variety of small and funny instruments, and was great. Great participation by the end, on Winky Doo Dinky Lippy Loo and on, uh... The Blink, you know. I sold 3 shirts afterwards!!! Good show, id say, I will surely be black here. Or Canada, which I keep think Im in. Why is that?

Germans cant excape Hitler. Everywhere they go, no matter who they are, the words Hitler and Germany are synonymous with each other, even though mst folks are cool. A few years ago, a 15 year old German girl found my website, and started emailing me, telling me I was cute, she was going to come to America and meet me, she hated black people. It kind of freaked me out. I asked her what German kids thought of Kraftwerk, and she said NO body likes that god awful band. Anyhoo, that was that, I stopped replying to her, and she presumably fizzled in hell or something like that, who knows.
Anyhoo, Alabamians have the same problem. I mean, southerners in general, have this terrible Nazi image thats hard to shake. All I know about southerners is that Im scared of them, so when I came down here and took the stage, I had to fight myself to keep from making inappropriate racist remarks about the southerners themselves. That was good, cause these kids are fine, not to mention dandy. And they will defend themselves, and blame it all on the old people, some of whom are still around, but most of whom are dying, or already dead. Still, I mean, its great that we live in a day when people EVERYwhere are generally so disgusted by racism and genocide that that it is probably the worst thing for anyone to have on their permanent record. People dont accept that shit any more, they look down on it heavily, and that is something I guess we could call progress. Terrible, terrible things were done, and the people who did them arent getting off the hook easily, at least not socially, and their grande kids still have to wear the baggage. I dunno where Im going with this anymore, I guess Ive said what Ive had to say on the matter. Anyhoo, the kids are alright.

Well, off t Austin and LA. More than 3,000 miles along the way. Im hungry for ribs, see you soon.

Son of the Pioneers,
Lance Romace
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