45: Tour of the hour, man of the proletariat
Thu, Apr 6, 2006 01:15 Mor

Hi everybody. Im writing you a little belatedly to tell you about my already started tour around the world. I know you are wondering my tour dates, and I am wondering how I will tell you so let me stall a bit and tell you later, and right now, Ill present to you an instant message I had with my boss recently.

Boss: are you still going on tour

Me: Yup, all of april

Boss: leaving when?

Me: April 3rd confirmed, April 2nd maybe

Boss: and when were you going to let me know?

Me: I told you I was leaving for all of April, I was going to call again over the next few days

Boss: you actually never said it was definate or for how long

Me: We had discussed it the day you had tuned the Piano, i am doing the whole month of April
Me: I had set it upo for that month because you said you might go away in May

Boss: will you be at the hoot tonight?

Me: Probably not, I have a lot of work to do

Boss: ok, I think we need to talk

Me: Ok, no problem
Me: I'm going toi be SUPER busy because I have to move out of my Apt right now AND am still working on this tour
Me: Would Thursday evening be ok?? Cause I will be at the club that night anyway

Boss: I'm not happy with how things are going and I'm thinking it may be time to move on

Me: how so?

Boss: just don't feel it's working out. I have to constantly remind you to do things when I come in.
Boss: you also don't seem to really have your heart in it anymore

Me: My heart is very much in it still
Me: I think I've been doing a good job, and running a pretty smooth ship overall

Boss: last time you worked the piano was left open, the a/c left on, the sales sign left up, the compressor not set properly, the mic levels not set properly.
Boss: I don't want to argue when I ask for things to be done a certain way

Me: What night was this I left the AC on and the piano open?? Thats rediculus.
Me: I close those every night

Boss: when was the last night you worked?

Me: Friday
Me: The AC is on when ever I come after working after Dan or Joie
AT least the front room AX
Me: Turning those things is locked into my mind, its automatic at this point

Boss: i ate bfast at sidewalk on saturday morning
Boss: i have to run to the hoot now

Me: As for disagreement on this level or that level, its always a wierd time to have a discussion about it, but I do have some disaggreements on some of the settings
Me: ok

Boss: i have to train a new sound guy to make sure april is covered and i will have to give him shifts

Me: I'd love to talk before anything drastic, i'd hate to leave this job on not good terms, because I do enjoy ioit
Me: Yeah, that was discussed at our last meeting

Boss: i will try to come up with solutions as best i can

Me: Any chance for a meeting would be nice

Boss: no matter what, the club is always an artistic home for you
Boss: and we are on good terms
Boss: gotta go

Me: werd

Well, so that was that. I actually really like my job, just not my boss. Then on Thursday, I get a message on my machine saying "Just letting you know that there's a 12 o'clock act tonite, he's not on the schedule, and he's only playing till 12:30." WTF??? Anyhoo, his attempt to fire me was a failure, and I stayed on for two more weeks as had been planned, and to boot now have this wonderful Instant Message which I hope you found to be delightful. I dunno, well, its over now, and i'm going on tour. Which i'm now on. Ah ha.... here is whatie my schedule isie:

Mon 4/3 - DC9 - Taxation Without Representation
Thu 4/6 - Lenny's Bar - Kriss Kross'll Make Ya Jump!
Sat 4/8 - The Hot L - My Cousin Vinnie
Mon 4/10 - Room 710 - The Liberalist town in texas
Wed 4/12 - The Coaine @ Live Jazz - Majorist Pacific City
Fri 4/14 - Demolisten on KXLU 88.9 FM - http://www.kxlu.com
Sat 4/16 - The Delta of Venus - Davis, CA
Sat 4/29 - Craig's House - Naked Run
Sun 4/30 - Club Bart - Motor City

So you may have noticed that the DC gig has passed, and this is because
I have been busy, That gig was ok, I'll write something nice about it later. The Atlanta gig I was planning to attend to tomorrow??? Well, i showed up at the Buss Station today to try and catch the bus down there, just in time to see it leave. I walked around for a little while, then waited in line for an hour. There were three people ahead of me still, when the driver just shut the door and left with out saying a word. Ugh, I have been moving for days and am so exhausted, and am no mood for this bull shit. That was the last bus that would get to Atlanta in time for the show, trains are sold out, and planes are $500.
So, tonight will be a full sleep (YAY!), then I'll figure out how to get down to Birmingham, via that very same bus.
I don't understand why, if all the trains down south are sold out, why can't they add more trains??? We are in off-peak travel season, and the train still only runs once a day down there. Double-you tee eff??? Dude!! That sucks!! Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Anyhoo, needless to say. here I am two dates into my tour and I'm still in New York. What happoned in DC was I went down there with Javed, and rain clouds slowly covered the city like doom coming and releasing the spirits of rain and thunder in a violent thrashing of this capitol city, not doing enough to ravish this administration we call Bush. , (There is a naked man behind me). Anyhoo, yeah, the gig was fine, opening for Stooges saxophonist Steve Mackay. It was great to be Warshington, absolutely wonderful, and I really wanted to stick around and check out the museums. (There he goes again. Ah, he's gone. Good). But I had to rush back to New York and finish (finland) moving out of my Apt, and in to storage space in jersey. AHHHH!! SO EXAUSTING!!! Anyhoo, I just finished (denmark) moving today, just in time to miss my buss, and lose a gig, so... As long as i get to rest, thats the important thing, sucka. Anyhoo, I dunno. Anyhhooo.

The first letter this week is from trish of Sunshine In The Morning,

[Dear Lance,]

Ha ha! You're fucking hilarious.
Picking up chicks at a health clinic.

No such thing as too much information...


Dear Trish,
Hep C came up negative too.

the second letter this week if from Meg P. of St. Edwards Island:

[Dear Lance,]

Yes, it IS possible for a pelican to find a tomato in a bathtub. You should write a grant that would give you the funds to film a pelican discovering a tomato in a bathtub, just to prove your teacher wrong. That would make ME mad.
As for Okie this week, are you selling merchandise, and if so, for how much? I only have eight or nine dollars. getting five more this week.
Oh yes, and have you gotten in touch with the folks at BSR?


Dear meg,

Naw, none of that shite. I wonder if a pelican could discover a tomato in a bathtub. Is that possible or impossible.


Well, thats a nuff for this week.

Lots of loke,
york, oh yeah!!! Come to see me when i'm in your town!!!,
Lance Romace
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