43: Hey Oatmeal!!! Lance plays in New Yyoorrkk This Weekend
Fri, Feb 3, 2006 04:57 Nit

So, fellow children of the corn. It is I, Lance Romañce righting to you today in this unseasonably warm weather. This is the warmest Feb 3rd I can ever remember, at 60 degrees. Except when I lived in texas, in which case it was 165 degrees today 4 years ago, if i remember correctly.

Anyhoo, the MAIN reason I'm writing you is simply to let you know of a big show this weekend at Manhattan's own Cake Shop. Because no one else was stupid enough to book a show on Super Bowel Sunday, there is nothing else to do that night, and there for no good reason not to show up. The Super Bowl is going to suck, and both teams are going to win this year. You want wings and nachos?? I'll give wings and nachos. Though they'll be bee wings and stale nachos, but as an added bonus, we have a full bar. Beat that!!! Anyhoo, this weekend's festivities will be awesome. CreotRadio (http://www.creotradio.net ) will bee presenting this stupendous show to you in FOUR DIMENSIONS. I, Lance, will be on the stage at 10 pm, with my band which will likely feature Colin from USAIsAMonster. And it is. BUT, I'm not the first act!! The evening starts at 8pm with members of Talibam on at 8, The Bemus Point on at 9, and they are releasing their new CD!!! They are coming down from Ithaca to transcend their improvised electronic music upon you. BUT WAIYT!!! THERE"S MORE!!! At 11pm, members of Blue Velvet will be called Old Table for a performance of God Nknows What, so you'd better stick around and find out. All in all its bound to be a good time.

Also, Lance Romañce tshirts are now available!!!! In two sweatshop free designs!! You can get them online ( http://www.giantrats.com/shirts ), or AT MY SHOW.

This Sunday, February 5th 2006
8pm, Lance at 10
Cake Shop
(212) 253-0036
152 Ludlow (between Stanton and Rivington) st.
Lower East Side, Manhattan
The Bemus Point's NY CD release!!!
Also playing: The Bemus Point (from Ithaca), Old Table and members of Talibam!
*Time Out New York Pick!*

Also, mark your New York Calenders, I'll be play The Glass House on Th 2/23.
As for other cities, Look for shows coming up in Providence, and a national tour hopefully soon.

Also on my mind.....

Chris Barron is a very talented guy. I work with him every Friday now, and he's one of the best I've worked with. Its just him singing with a mic'ed acoustic guitar, and an upright bass player behind him. No Spin Doctors behind him.
Chris is a great song writer, a great guitar player, and a great singer. He's also very funny and has great between song banter. Star quality all around.
The phrase "The Spin Doctors suck!" has never been an uncommon one. Ever listen to the intro of Two Princes? IT SUCKS!!! Listen to that drum sound, its pukesville. The guitar, bleh!!!! A lot of people will argue, in general That the production isn't nearly as important as the music. But this is a perfect example of how the production of a song can really distract from how well written it is. This guy doesn't need a click track, or a vocal comp, he can hold his own. Put that shit behind it.... there is no life to the rhythm of that song, none what so ever. And it kills the song.
The thing is that the record company wants it to sound like that. The same way any comedian will tell you how hard it is to be funny on a sitcom when battling the network, the same goes for making records. The record company wants this and that, and it can be very hard to record lively, authentic music.
One thing thats really been drilled into my head over the years is that during the golden age of recording, everything was done live. You didn't spend all day on a drum sound, and what you did instead was just capture these very talented people doing what they did best. Its not that there aren't any talented people left, its that the production of records has gone to destroy that, to hide the music and the magic behind some whack ass beat. There is no other point the magazine has driven in to my head more than that, record live, capture the magic. Its not about mic pres or compressors, its just fucking do it. Capture the magic, and be transparent about it. Cause production makes people think that shit sucks. Why is that point seemingly so missed???
Anyhoo, when YOUR band goes to make a record, don't spend too much time on it. Practice a lot, make sure your arrangements are good, and when you have it all down REALLY pat, go in and make a record. And if you make just a few mistakes, please, by all means, leave them in.

Anyhoo, is that id??? RIP to Fred The Donut man. Although his donut company is taking over New York now, and even though it sucks, being a rhode island native, I can't help be miss him a little bit. I haven't had a donut in a while. I have been drinking a lot of wine, which is a good antioxidant, and hopefully will make me younger so I can go back to high school and sleep in class. That was always nice.

Anyhoo, see you sunday.

Oh right. And last but not least,
An Ode To Chicken Wings:


I love hot wings
even more than mom zings
when I eat my tung stings
but it is one of my favorite things

i really love hot wings
it is a food thats made for kings
who where golden crowns and silver rings
it is one of my favorite things

i really love hot wings
with blue cheese dressing it always brings
10 piece little chicken slings
it is one of my favorite things

Right, so, see you Sunday at the cakshop!!

Future Little League Champaign,
Lance Romañce
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