42: Seaman's Creamings From Lance Romañce
Tue, Dec 20, 2005 04:18 Nit


A quick note, I'm playing at The Red & Black tonite in Brooklyn. This is a transit strike party, and we will be celebrating the transit strike with music and drinks, and maybe some pizza. The Red And Black is in Williamsburg and you can walk there. N. 5th off of bedford (NW), its across the street from the wine store in that little mall thing. And so, i will be buying some wine after the show. I should be there at about NEIN! I hope you'll be too, I'll be bringing the moog.

I've been thinking allot about time travel. Some times I just get so fucking furious that i can't go back in time. I mean, I feel so out of place in this time, and that I can't escape is so.... o h i dunno. It just really pisses me off. i mean, if you don't like the town you live in, you get up and move, right??? I want to go up to a UHAUL place and just say "Give me one witha flux capacitor," through some furniture in the back, and move, to 1955. Because, as nice as everything prior to that sounds great, I'd be miserable with out rock n roll, and could eventually meet myself. That would be great. Prayer has not helped me find a link to the past, neither has playing video games. Damn it, I think its god's biggest mistake not allowing time travel. Its sucksos.

With Tree Day nearing on the horizon, I'm proud to announce the release of some new Christmas songs I recorded with Matt Motel. Check them out here:

I also hosted a Christmas radio show on Creot Radio. Part 1 is up, part 2 should be up soon. I played a bunch of christmas songs from people I know, and some we made up on the spot. Great show!

Anyhoo, hope all is well, and i wish you best in the sterling holloway season. And come to the Red & Black tonite.

Lots Of Love,
Luksusanta (my favorite holiday vodka),
Lance Romañce

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