41: The Pine Trees Will See Lance
Thu, Nov 17, 2005 12:10 Nite

Hello Fathers of Malarchy,

As a record spins in the background, and winter draws closer near, a burning fire place missing, and the looming concert I have planned for this coming Sunday, I write youin despair. I can't find any pants. Please come to my show this Sunday at 10pm, at the sidewalk, with some clean, sized 34 pants. there are pants around here, but they are needed to be cleaned, and, well, I'm just sick of doing laundry. So I retire.

There is the new Wally & Gromice movie out. Ah, attack of wear rabbit. Very good, I hadn't seen any of their other movies. Quite delightful, anyone else?? I've never had english vegetables before. Unless there was some on that jar of marmite someone sent me as a gift once.

For those of you PINING for my first album, Sonnets Set To Music, which has long been out of print, it is now available on iTunes and the like. For some reason, it its only available as indavidil tracks right now, and not the full album, at least on apple. God knows why, but who cares, its worth $23 in my opninion.

It was real obvious in the 2000 election, when a lot of lefties, including myself, voted for Nader. The main problem a lot of people had with Gore was he still represented corporate america. I was talking with someone a few months ago, who asked why so many young people on the left don't like Clinton, and its because of corporate ties. The left has been being called a split party for a while now, and its because of the corporate issue.
The republicans have long represented two conflicting groups: the religious and the rich/greedy/corporate. They are also now considered a split party, and I haven't got my argument completely down about this yet, but it seems to be a similar issue. Moral values are important to one side of the party, profits are what matter to the other. Its the same thing, a corporate split.
I always liked the Mad Magazine carton where the far right and far left, arguing ferociously with each other, are standing back to back.

Anyhoo, see you sunday.

A Mimick Of Myself,
Lance Romañce

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