40: Lance plays Sunday, That's My Fun Day
Thu, Oct 27, 2005 02:36 Nit

Hi everybody. i have just recieved an electrical shock from my amplifier. Wow, I'm totally jolted. Anyhoo, I wanted tolet you know, that Lance Romaañce, the very same guy as me, is playing a show this very Sunday in honor of the falling of the president's cabinet. WE ARE GOINGTO CELEBRATE unless I have forgotten in which case it will be just a normal show. However, please be informed that my show is at the Sidewalk Cafe, bethere at 9, because, my friend Alec K. Redfearn, who plays accordian, will be coming all the way from Rhode Island toplay before me. i asked him too. He's in the bands Barnacled, The Eyesores, and Gutterhelmet, and is fucking awesome. When I told Time Out New York that we are doing a show togeather, they said "Wowza's" and put a little star next to our names, which means its reccomended. So come, come, my children. Come to the Sidewalk (ave. A & e. 6th st) this sunday. Alec is on at 9, I am on at 10, I don't know who is on at 11. Talibam!, another band I enjoy, is not on the bill, BUT because I work at the club the rest of the week, I'm just going to tell the soundguy that Talibam is playing at 12. If he wants to go home, he can, and I'll do the sound. So Talibam! at 11. Yes!

Anyhoo, how are things with you other wise?? What have you been up to? Whatare you doing for work these days?? Cuiouser and curiouser. Well, that's all I haveto say, dudes. \Write me a letter, come to the show, and what do you know, your mom's a ho. Word up, though. Goodbye I'm gonna go cause its time to bow, this joint and go to the sto' to get a cup of joe. That's a lie, I don't even drink coffee. I'll see you later, hopefully on sunday.

Lots of love,
Your Crush,
Lance Romañce
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