39: Rosne Mallorie, Lance WIll Play A Gallory
Tue, Sep 20, 2005 11:53 Morn

Note: Hello, everybody. I hope you are well.

A quick note of an acoustic show I'm playing Wednesday: At Cinder's Gallery, here in Brooklyn. In the Williamsburg area, its located at 103 Havemeyer st. (btwn Hope and Grand, and taking the L train to either Lorimer or Bedford should get you there fine. Time will be between 7-10. Cost is donations. The reason for this show is to present to you two interesting people foreign to New York. I don't know much about them, but please come to check them out, besides myself. The phone number for Cinder's, a nice little place that sells artworks as well, is 718-388-2311. I'd give you their website, but I am old fashioned. The art work being displayed, besides that that they simply sell, should be that of George Ferrandi,with what is called "In Lieu of Flowers." Bee their's!

Buying a colander is never easy. Every year, there are so many good ones, and so many bad ones. There are calenders featuring everything, from trains, to pictures drawn by John Lennon, to portraits of fisherman from Maine. From Brittney Spears to Judy Garland, there is a 2006 calender out there for you. Maybe.
I dunno. A few years ago, it occurred to me that I'd rather just use an older calender. Years repeat them selves, day wise at least, and so therefore, there is rarely little reason to purchase a new calender. THis past year, I've been living off a 1994 Ren & Stimpy calender. Sure, Chanukah may be a bit off, but the basic needs are met. Its a great practice, and I recommend it to everybody.
So, with out further adu, here are the years that match up with 2006.


If you want to use a calender from before 1905, I say, get with times, man. Its time to get a new calender.

Anyhoo, as usual, there are many ghosts dancing around my place, and I am a bit frightened. I really must go now, and attend to them. h! One just bit me!!!

Anyhoo, I hope you are well,and in good standing, both accidemicly and commercially. Feel free to reply to this email.

In Vain,
Lance Romañce

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