38: Lance Picks His Nose Bottom
Tue, Sep 6, 2005 01:29 Nite

Yo, suckas. Just dropping the info on you: Mr. Lance is playing at the 10pm slot as of Wednesday this particular week. All 10pm Wednesday lots will be held at the sidewalk cafe (ave. A & e. 6 st.) until further notice. If you don't make it, you are a dick face and a dick wad and are a worthless human being. But at the same time,only come if you want to. If you have something better to do, by all means do it. Even though my concerts kick ass, and will certainly will be better than any idea you've had for a better evening. Take your girl over, get laid, die a Lance Romañce hurricane victim.

So, the big news today is the hurricane. Did you know that Hurricane Katrina was simply gods wrath on the fag city?? According the Westboro Baptist Church ( http://www.godhatesfags.com/featured/20050831_thank-god-for-katrina.html ), the New Orleans Hurricane God hates fags. So, therefore, New Orleans had to go. Chances are, he's probably right.

So this is important info that the news is not reporting enough:
- There are a lot of drug addicts in New Orleans who can't their fix. Those guys are going CRAZY!!!! These are the people shooting mother fuckers. Why would some one snipe a hospital??? Because they NEED drugs. This is a big problem. Don't hate drug addicts, its not their fault. Life is very sad, and some times drugs are the best comfort.
- The economy is going to utter shit. EVERYthing you buy includes the price of gas, to be delivered. Basically, shipping and delivery prices now have to go up. Everything is either shipped or delivered, which means that the cost of everything has to go up to cover that cost. That means FUCKING INFLATION!!!!!!!! Everything is about to cost more, but people can't afford it because they are getting paid the same, so they buy less. And that means that the jobs that previously existed to sell to those people no longer exist, cause they won't buy anyways, since they don't have money. High Costs + Low Pay + No Jobs Anyhoo = Really Shitty Economy. Expect a lot of cheap housing available in what was intended to be luxury.
- The good news about all of this is we have gotten the media back. FINELY, when people criticize the president, it is getting printed!!! The President has now lost the media, including Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, which means he's in deep shit. Pat Buchanan, the respectable ultra conservative, a thinker, has also asked for his impeachment. Though mainly because of his laxness on illegal immigration, this cry is still a big step in the right, or left, direction. We have the media mostly back, and a real cry for impeachment. At this point, if there is not a serious effort from elected officials, including republicans, to impeach the president, we are fucked, and those officials won't be re-elected. The reporting on this storm is the best news reporting I have seen in years!!!! Its been incredible.
- Race relations are going to go to utter shit. Even though most white people are sympathetic and helpful, the most important white people are yet again sending a terrible message to others, and very suggesting that we aren't. Its heart breaking, its misrepresentative, but its true.

That being said, please write back and send in your letters. We can't ask for anything more than discussion.

Beyond that, the show I am playing this Wednesday at 10pm at the Sidewalk, and I hope you will come despite at the bullshit that is going on. Ultimately, if we stick together, the sound of the minimoog will heal us. Amen.

Word to the mutha!

The Storm Of Desire,
Lance Romañce
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