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Fri, Aug 12, 2005 02:55 Mor

I have been enjoying my shows a lot more lately. they have really been getting a lot better. When girls start requesting "I Like To Ejaculate," I know things are looking up.

( Sexy Bowler Girl live last June: http://www.giantrats.com/sexybolergirlive1.mp3 )

Anyhoo, if yer around new york, Come to my show Sunday at 9pm at the Side walk (Ave A & 6). Maybe be part of my band, because none of the people in that recording,except me, are in town this weekend. My policy of "make anybody my band" has been working out well.

Other quick Lance knews.....

iTunes now carries me,look forme. I know I;m a redneck because the same peoplewho bought me as bought Jeff Foxworthy. Over time, Danny Elfman, The Beach Boys and the London Philharmonic have been more pleasing asociates... who the fuck are Fatty Koo??? Yahoo music is the first site to carry my first record,SOnnets Set To Music!!!! (find links on the Website!!!)

I am on the COVER of this month's Urban Folk(?) Magazine!!! Yeah, the (?) is there cause who fucking cares. Its one fucking magazine, that sucks, that circulates at the club Iwork at. Still,I am on the cover. I hate folk music. At least urban folk, hilbilly folk is still way cooler. Anyhoo, what is strange is that, even though I amon the cover, they never interviewed me. What a crappy magazine.
I was interviewed in Anti-Upmagazine, not much of an off shoot,over a year ago. But the interview sucked so I never told you about it.

And a new record!!!!!! LANCE ROMAÑCE ANTHOLOGIES!!!!!!! Dan Sharkbait (Fishback) says "i think it's yr best record!" but what does he know. Still finishing down to 38 tracks,but I want to add 3 more. It is a mix of all the unrleased songs from over the years, as well as out takes, alt. versions and live tracks. And with a brand new song sung along side my dead self..... bleh...

Anyhoo...... GHOSTS!!!!!!
The thing that is neat about ghosts is that there is a real consistency in people's stories. That's what makes ghosts believable to me, is that there seems to be a real strict set of rules.
There are basically two kinds of ghosts:
1. There are the kinds that are just history replaying itself. This is the kind you are likely to see around, say the WTC. Seeing someone falling, then just disappearing. These ghosts do not interact with our world. These kind of ghosts are far more rare. Ghettysburg is VERY haunted, supposedly, lots of civil war ghosts still exist. When you hear kids laughing the hall way, that's probably what it is.
2. The ghosts that interact with us. These are more likely the kind that you'll here about in a hotel or something, and I'd say most hotels have some ghost stories. Especially old ones. This is often somebody who didn't do something they needed to do. A great pain was probably there right before death. A lost love, or the need to protect somebody or someplace, or witnessing or being victim to a great injustice. Love for something or someone or someplace is usually the reason. If the problem becomes solved, the ghost goes away. They have personalities as wide ranging as people. Some times they are cool, sometimes they like to just fuck with people. They can also make their presence felt with out doing anything.
What's really interesting is ghosts stay in one basic place. No matter what, they don't move about town, they don't travel (unless of course its a cruise ship). The types of places that tend to be most haunted would be places with a lot of emotion: schools, theaters, hotels.... I am not sure why ghosts stay where they. I mean, weather they stay in the place where they were killed, or if they stay in a place where they spent so much time that they just really became of a part of the place spiritually. This is the biggest inconstancy in ghost stories.
One secret dream of mine has long been to build a giant statue of the Ghostbusters, including Winston with inscription on the pedestal that reads "To protect us from the ghosts of September 11th." Then, once the memorial park is completed, sneak it one night to ground zero and leave it.
Like the movie 6th Sense. What I liked about that movie is they did their research. For the most part it was pretty consistant with what people really report, and was very effective. Ghost, say, utterly impossible. No research what so ever.
To me its a glitch in time, really. I mean, bringing up ESP, and Nostrdaumus and all that, I mean it suggests that time really happens all at once, and might just be how our brain recieves it. but it could be a glitch in the fabric of time, I guess you could say. Its definately a glitch, kind of like when an image may become stuck on a computer monitor, which is why we havescreen savers.
Certainly having studied analog vs. digital, i know that we can sense a lot of things that we don't know we can sense,or that we as a society don't pay attention to. The Tsunami was really interesting because not only did the animals sense it and move away, but so did some of the ancient tribes in the area. We have so many more senses than we realise, its really neat stuff. Its the same thing when I gamble, and really I follow my gut, I do much better than if I just go and am drunk and play for fun. Its all so neat.
Theres not to say that there isn't a whole nother world beside us, not based on hydogen but based on something else. We don't know what it is, and we don't know how to detect it because we don't know what to look for. There is so much more out there than we can see, hear, touch and smell. And taste. But it is there, and there is a way accross.
These ideas leave pleanty of room for ghosts to exist.


This months first letter is from Jenny M. of McClod Territory Falvon:

Hey Lance,
Lets not forget that some great things came out of the 70's
YOu and Me.
That is great enough to counter balance the decade also Disco which mostly sucked came out then but there are some good spots on the decade. but as a whole you are right.
well my friend I love you.
I just graduated from CCRi and will start URi this fall.
Just thought you would like to know
Jenny Mo'

Dear Jenny,
I'd rather forget about us.

Send your lettters to me, an reply,oh you see, to me,and we,be, the three that be you and me, and see the tea that later we pee will be key to open the tree of understanding.

See you at my show!!!

Is Another Word For Sad,
Lance Romañce
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