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Sun, May 29, 2005 08:44 PM

Hi there. Its Lance again, on the ill phone. Puking into the receiver with a great show this Wednesday. It will be fantastic. It will be the best ever. It will rule. So, by all means, buy all teens, with 45 drum machines. Show up, Sidewalk Cafe Way, on Avenue 'Aayyyyy! Featuring the Fonz. And E.6th st, NY, NY. Be there, you fucking square. I'll expect you, won't reject you, unless I don't respect you, anyhoo, come on by and say hi. I'll be expecting you.

A girl I know, a young Miss Katie S, sometimes a cunt, argues with me quite agrivatingly about the 1970's, a decade which I detest. With out much bases, she states, quite simply "What?? You have to love the 70's, they are great." She get's very upset when I complain about them, and will not accept the fact that they sucked. But they did suck, and still do. It is important, I believe, my children, to look back at the 1970's right now, and discuss where exactly they fall in recent musical history.
The 1950's and 1960's were music's golden age. We really saw the biggest shift in musical styles ever. The last big shift was when Jazz came in the 1920's, but in the 50's and 60's, music as it was known was completely uprooted, reevaluated, and reformulated. But what you got while this was happening was an unpresidented amount in different kinds of music. Jazz, Calypso, Mambo, Bossa, Rock N Roll, Surf, Country, Heavy Metal... It all came together in these two decades. Urban and suburban were two very different things, which eventually merged. More original musical acts came out of this time than any bother time, even Kraftwerk started in the 1960's. We saw instruments cross oceans, and more new musical instruments, and ways to play them, than at any other time. But,possibly the most important thing that happened was that popular music changed. You say Pop Music now, and you think of what preteens listen to, cheesy dancey image-intensive what ever you want to call it. Though it had previously implied adult music, with strings, romance and a beautiful voice up front. The rhythm became more important than the melody, and by the time the 60's were over, EVERYthing had a 2/4 beat. The music changed a lot at this time, as did the needs of music production.
In the 1970's, two things happened. The music that had been created in the past two decades was evaluated, made sense of, and homginized. After so much had just happened, all the excitement, the music took a rest, and for the first time in history, all popular music sucked. Never before had iun been so bland, so boring,so corporate. Rock music was here to stay, and while they attempted to tone it down, and make it "popular," they ran a steam roller right over it. This is not to say that EVERYTHING in the 70's sucked, and not to say that just because a band was big in the 70's meant that they nescisarily sucked. I'm just saying that the decade as a whole sucked. We also saw production catch up with needs of the new pop, so that we could make records for anybody.
The 80's were better than the 70's. Bland and boring was out, new and exciting was in. We saw technology play a part in popular music like never before. Many will argue that the 80's sucked, but its not true. The 80's had the most original sound of any decade before since. The music of this dace was so different, that it could only be classified as "80's Music." In a lot of ways,it was the 50's all over again. A new unique sound, and towards the end of the decade, world music made a big come back, thanks in part to David Byrne. Of course, most world music at this time was very 80's sounding.
Also in the 1980's we saw the roots of everything that happened in the 1990's. The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Dr. Dre, REM... All got started in the 80's.... The 90's were still pretty interesting, my point here simply being that the 80's didn't suck as much from a critical standpoint as one might be used to saying, even if a lot of shit did come out and techno finely hit the mainstream as well,also not a totally new phenomnan.
And then there of course this decade, which I stiill don't know what we call it yet. The 00's. But we will save that for a future discussion.
In the end, though, the 1970's were simply a latency period on which to reflect on what had just happened, older generations to leave, and make everything more accessible to the average joe shmo .And by that, it meant making it boring, and for production to catchup. Its important to realise that the 1970's existed only to make music boring,and for nothing else. Music has never fully recovered, and recent popularity of 1970's music has brought today's music to a new low. Anyhoo, the 70's sucked, damn straight.

Please send in your letters, complaints and hellos, feel free to respond to anything with anything.

please come to my show this coming Wednesday.
9pm @ The Sidewalk Cafe
Ave.A & e 6th st.
ny, ny
NO COVER!!! 2 drink min.

And between now and then, I will be attending a prom!!! Wish me luck!

Love and kisses,
A Joe For The Ages,
Lance Romañce
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