35: Filling In The Cake, and bricks.
Sat, May 14, 2005 10:06 AM

Hi, everybody. Just a quick note of all the fun you could possibly have in the near future.

1. Tonite, I play in Providence at the Century Lounge around 9ish. I will be leaving shortly. I haven't been to Providence since Febuary. Until last weekend, I hadn't even left the city. A trip to Philly was enjoyed. I had been there a couple times before, and never liked it before. But that's because I was usually there with my parents or some bitchy girl who I wanted to forget. But going hanging out with nice locals made all the difference.

2. For the next few weeks, I will be hosting the Open Mic at the Sidewalk, Lach's Anti-hoot, while Lach tours England opening for Pete Townsend's briother, Simon. I hope you will stop by and watch or play or something. My only rule is NO DYLAN COVERS!!!! Too many mae-os trying to be Dylan on the singer/songwriter circut, so I fully intend todosomething about it. If you do do a Dylan cover, I will turn on the disco light for your entire performance. Exception may be considered if its a Traveling Wilbury's song.

in the near, but not quite so near future, I play a show at the Sidewalk at 9pm on Wednesday, June 1st. So should Iforget or not have time to send out a news letter, be forwarned, and mark the calander in your cell phone, so it will vibrate when its time for my show. I have been slowing down on performing lately, so by all means, catch this rare performance.

Anyhoo, its time for me to head back to Providence. I'll see you there soon. Missing you.

With Pollen In My Eyes,
Lance Romañce
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