34: Pope And Neil Young To Wed
Sat, Apr 2, 2005 03:13 PM

AP - Pope John Paul II and music legend Neil Young agreed to wed yesterday, upon each other's deaths. "I have had a great life, and have been very blessed," Young said, who is expected to recover from a brain aneurysm, but easily could not "And I look forward to a long death with the Pope once we are dead."
The pope had the following to say about Young: "He's always been searching for the same thing I have been, and that's a heart of gold. Neither of us has found it yet, but if we look together, I'm sure we'll find it somewhere in heaven. And even if we don't find it, he still has my heart, and he is worth more than gold to me."
Family friend and former vegetable Terri Satchmo had great things to say about the couple before her death last week. "Nnnnngnhgngnh," she wrote in her online blog, referring to both men's love for children. She is expected to be a bride's maid at the wedding.
Both men are known for their charitable work. Young's Bridge School Benefit concerts and the Pope's Church are both well known sources of good in the world. They met last year through U2's Bono, who hopefully will die some day too. The couple will leave behind millions upon millions of worshippers worldwide.

This is especially great news for the Pope, I figure, because he no longer has to remain celebate after his death.

Anyhoo, I wanted to drop a quick note to update you on my "touring" schedual. I am slowing down quite abit in my "Lance" performing, but Have been enjoying my stint as drummer for creaky boards. And so, I will include upcoming dates for both acts. I also have been asked to be in a movie!

Creaky Boards @ Pete's Candy Store
Sunday, April 24th 8:30pm
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
on Lorimer by the BQE

Lance Romañce in Allen Cordellís feature "Some Kind of Awful"
Sunday, April 17
Shooting in The Bronx! But I won't tell you where.

Creak Boards @ Galapagos Art Space
Fri April 22
(this will be a quicky, part of Cheese On Bread's fancy night)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
N 6th between Wythe & Kent

Lance Romañce @ Century Lounge
Saturday, May 14th
in Providence, RI
150 Chestnut Street

Lance Romañce @ Sidewalk
Wenesday, June 1st 9pm
East Village, Manhattan
Corner of Ave. A & E. 6th st.

Anyhoo, that is all. I just wanted to get this news letter out before the pope died. I hope April is treating you well, despite the nasty weather. As they say, April Showers bring May Flowers. And of course Mayflowers bring August bees!! So bee careful come august.
There has been a lot of water leaking into my apt. from the ceiling. This now happens when it rains, its the 2nd time this week. But it doesn't make sense because I am on the 1st floor, there should be two floors blocking me. Its not leaking on the 2nd floor. How weird!!! And its leaking right onto my record area!!! My landlord is chasidic and doesn't answer the phone on Saturday. So it looks like there could be some excitement. Anyhoo, stop by later, I going to have a pool party.

hope all is well. Reply to this email, just to say hi.

Your Lady Of Spain,
Lance Romañce
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