33: Munching On Milkmaids
Thu, Mar 24, 2005 04:05 PM

Hi again, dogs and doggettes. Kittys and kitty kats. Its snowing here, near Hollis Queens, but its a dry, wet snow. It is invisible, not like the white kind we are familiar with during the winter time, but more the springy sort of snow, more rain like its make up, that is more common this time of year. I am excited as spring time nears, though. I have had enough cold weather to last me a year, and I feel overdued for some springtime sunshine, which we could share. Gosh, skinny dipping is a great summer activity, one of my favorites. I can't wait.

It would seem that a great way to start off sping would be witha CONCERT, yes A CONCERT!!!!An in door concert, at my most frequented venue, The Sidewalk Cafe in New York City. I play Easter Sunday at 10pm. Also on the bill: Casey Holford, Dave Cuomo, Debe Dalton, Preston of The Sewing Circle, and some other folks. Its bound to be HOT that day, so dress lightly. No cover, two drink min. On the corner of e 6th and Ave. A in New York's faulus east village.
Then, less than a week later, I will be playing again, but not as me, but it will be aqt the same venue. I now play drums for The Creaky Boards, a wonderfulk band that's been around for a little while. They sound kind of Apollo 18 era They Might Be Giants mixed with The Beach Boys and 1920's music. I LOVE 1920'S MUSIC!!!! I can't wait. Our show will be on Friday, April 1st at 9pm, followed by Urban Barnyard and The WoWz!!! Wow!! What a great show. COme one come all, its a great spot to ball; on April Fool's day!!!
Also, in Providence at The Century Lounge on May 14th.

Here is something I else I found on the interenet. Its a short cartoon called HOUSE OF COSBYS!!! It rules, I love Bill Cosby. Check it out, ruuuddyyyy!!!: http://www.channel101.com/shows/view.php?media_id=447

The smoking ban has been in effect for a while here in New York, and I have heard it has since also spread down to Rhode Island and Boston. I don't know what to make of it, simply because, well, I don't know exactly. I have never been a cigarette smoker. I started at 21 with cigars, and was very happy. After living ina house with several smokers, I found myself wanting one myself, breathing nicotine in through my pores. I tried one, smoking it like a cigar, and was disapointed by the quality of the tobaco. Still, it is pretty cool. I attest smoking is cool, fun, and enjoyable. But such a health hazard, I aggree. Its good for the waitresses not to have to breath smoke, but the smokey bar atmosphere was a classic one, and it is missed sorely. Ah, the dilema of health vs cool, and ultimately good health just isn't cool. Or should I say kool. I have such mixed feelings, and support both sides, and am at a loss of what to think. Amen.

Here is a neat article I found on the internet:

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Teens who pledge to remain virgins until marriage are more likely to take chances with other kinds of sex that increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, a study of 12,000 adolescents suggests.

The report by Yale and Columbia University researchers could help explain their earlier findings that teens who pledged abstinence are just as likely to have STDs as their peers.

The latest study, published in the April issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health, found that teens pledging virginity until marriage are more likely to have oral and anal sex than other teens who have not had intercourse. That behavior, however, "puts you at risk," said Hannah Brueckner, assistant professor of sociology at Yale and one of the study's authors.

Among virgins, boys who have pledged abstinence were four times more likely to have had anal sex, according to the study. Overall, pledgers were six times more likely to have oral sex than teens who have remained abstinent but not as part of a pledge.

The pledging group was also less likely to use condoms during their first sexual experience or get tested for STDs, the researchers found.

Data for the study was taken from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. An in-school questionnaire was given to a nationally representative sample of students in grades 7-12 and followed up with a series of in-home interviews roughly one, two, and six years later. It was funded in part by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (news - web sites).

Teenagers these days have it so much better than I ever did.
Or do they???

And lastly, a movie review I wrote. It is about "The Corporation" which is one of the most important films I've ever seen. It is a documentary on what exactly corporation is and does, and I hope this review will graze your eyes at least once:
I saw this film with a good friend of mine who comes from a cattle ranching family. He was flabbergasted by this film, particularly the parts concerning the Bovine Growth Hormone, and vowed to have a long talk with his family about it.

This was the most educational film I have ever seen. I have long been the anti-corporate type, but feel this film gave me a lot of new perspectives and a more honest understanding of what and who I am actually dealing with. This isn't just the hogwash I here from other protesters, this is a very intelligent, very straight, very solid account of what a corporation actually is and does. This is NOT a Michael Moore film. Though he is in it, he is featured along side the men and women who have run these corporations, and not in a manor that is making fun of them. That is important because if I don't listen to both sides, then I really don't know what I am talking about. And, regardless of what side you are on, I feel this film is ESSENTIAL in bringing both sides up to par so they can at least complain about the right things.

I can't say enough about this film. Its VERY long, but I wouldn't have cut one minute. I honestly think its one of the most important films I've ever seen. I am going to buy copies for a lot of people, but from local retailers.

Thank you, and enjoy.
Rent it or buy it, preferably not from these links, but for god's sakes see it:

Anyhoo, that's it for this issue. I hope all is well and dandy, and you will come see some Lance Romañce concerts this weekend and again in the future. My best wishes to you and yours, and my flowers blossom every where you go.

the man they call "girl toes",
Lance Romañce
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