31: Pot Puret, Let's Go Snizet, Lance Romañce Says "Yello"
Mon, Jan 17, 2005 02\54Morn

hello y'all
what's up now
its lance romañce
mailing you this week
to say hello, happy new year.

I have a new job
I am a sound guy
at a new york club in the East Village
The Sidewalk Cafe, where I frequently play
I am a sound guy, and mc/host, at least twice a week.
It is fun and exciting, and I hope you will joing me, visit. Thursday, Saturdays, they are my normal days.
It is fun, it is number one, I would not give it up if it was apain on my brain.
I hosted and sound guyed the night
on new years eve, as Langhorn Slim played, and finished, I played Auld Lang Syne on the Cd player.
Welcoming in 2005, good bye to last year. I am the year keeper, the gate maker, the rock hunetr. I hate waiting when the year is changing, its time to flip the calander page, to the back and take it down. Put up the new one, its fun time, fun time,.

And so, so its 2005, happy New Year every body!!! How have your years been so far????? Have they been exciting????? Excitement. (Puff). Anyhooo........

I wanted it to be made aware that
I do have a show
you know
On wednesday, at my place of employment. That's this Wednesday, following Jason Trachtenburg, I will be on at 11pm, on Januray, i think 19th?? That sounds right. Sidewalk Cafe, Ave A & 6th. Nice place, no cover, mimimum drink order is 2x. Good food, great Lance romaÑce ce tunes es. So this is the week that is coming which holds the wednesday which I will be humming, and, thouygh < i will work there the next night while other people perform. I hope you will come, it will be awesome, it will be fun.
Will you join me????

Future shows include themselves entirely into the great month of Febuary. There is, one show at the same place, celebrating the Winterization of the 2005 Anti-Folk Summer Festival. Called the "Winter Antifolk Festival," which Fortified and the Sidewalk present. Indubitably delightful, I will KICK OFF THE festival THAT I CLOSED the last time it occured THIS PAST SUM mer. As last summer I clost the Summer Anti Folk Fest 2004, at 1am on August 21st, a modest Saturday. But this time, I shall open on a Robust Friday. Kick off is at 7:30pm, right after the super bowl, on Febuary 18th 200Five.
And, between 'em, I have a tennitive "Feb Two" (2/2, tutu, rearange TWO and its WTO)penciled in at the knitting factory's old orfice.


Twosies, I'm on MY sPACE. This means a new website address, to MySpace me at, is at the wonderful and covited http://www.myspace.com/lanceromance web address, for now and for ever. Look me up also on Friendster. Freudster, and Simon & Schuster.

Comments On Things:

Analog Tape:
It hasn't gone unoticed in recent weeks that analog (reel to reel) tape has disapeared, a ceased to exist in brand new off the slab form. In recent years, the number of companies producing tape had been reduced to one, and earlier this year, probably a little bit into last year, actually, that company closed. It has been said before that they filed Chapter 11th, and are completely gone. It is my understanding that this is untrue, though they are closed for restrcturing and lay-off's. They will reopen later this year and continue to produce certain lines of Analog tape.
What's more is our friends at ATR Services will begin producing their own brand of tape with in 2 to 3 months. It is nice and refreshing that analog is alive and well in the world where shitty things rule. As I like to say, "Added with the results of the recent presidential election, we all know that things that suck may be more popular, and that great things need our support. Amen." Yes, so this is Lance Romañce reminding you to record analog. It will sound better, you will be happier, other people will be happier, and it will last for ever.
I like what Steve Albini adds, is "Analog has remained unchanged since the '30s. No analog recording ever made is unplayable today -- and sometimes they can be played back with greater fidelity than when they were originally made. Digital doesn't allow for a permanent master. The storage media changes and becomes inevitably obsolescent, frozen in time with that day's technology. As someone who's paid to make recordings, I'd be irresponsible to make something that wasn't permanent and playable in the future." A great point from a great man, taken from teh Chicago Tribune.

Here is my own tribute to tape, which i wrote a short poem for:

An Ode To Analog Tape:
Tape, tape, where have you gone?
Come back soon, please don't be long.

Here is it is snoopdoggydoggified (via http://www.asksnoop.com/ ):

Tape, tape, where has yo' ass gone?
Come back soon, please don't be long.

2. Tsunami:

Have you heard this??? Some American groups are praising the Tsunami (a word that's new to me) for the 20,000 dead swedes in the event, Sweeden of course being a gay friendly country, there for hated by god, therefor the reason god let loose tsunami in Southeast Asia, killing, among others 20,000 sweeds, all of whom were faggots, there for praise god. This is all from http://www.GodHatesFags.com which is a disgusting website if I ever saw one. I'm against the tusnami, pro-Sweeden, pro-gay rights, pro-love, and anti-hate. And I praise God for the bolt of lightning that will someday find itself striking these hate mongerers with the fury of a thouusand suns, bursting the beholders body into a million little hells, each to suffer damnation individually and seperately, so that the amount of suffering on the acumulated body may be increased by the amount of pieces the body was blown into by the lightning, there for praise god for venging the hate that has been created. Time is not for humans, it is a measurment of the earth's rotation and revolution, and we schedual things based on its position in the universe, and, shall it be that it is a point where the mongers of hate are lined up at 11:30 with moon above, and hell below, then may the bolt of lightning strike down and deliver its pain to the holder. Amen.

Ah, the tusnami. yes,, I had noidea what it was until it happoned. I always called such a thing a tidal wave. For those doing research on the Tusnami who found this letter via an internet search engine in the future, here is a neat fact for you to put in your school paper: Of all the dead bodies recovered, none have been of animals. The animals evacuated the area in time, expecting danger. This means that, in the future that, when animals are seen evacuating, we should follow them. They are usually right. They are nature, they know nature. Or is it they know nature, they are nature. What ever. Anyhoo, what ius interesting, is that people did in fact have a warning. the tidal wave, or tusnami as you may have it, was created by an underwater earth quake. This little .e.q, which exceed 8.0 on the rictascale, by how much I'm unsure, was noticed with ample time before the succeeding wave came. There was about a 45 minute lapse between the earch quake and the wave, and as I understand it, foreign (to us) government agencies chose not to evacuate the areas in danger. The tidal wave was only a risk, and should it have not occured, they would have cleared out very touristy areas atr the peak of tourist season. I know, this sounds like mumbo jumbo conspericy. But it makes sense the lapse be tween quake and wave. One report suggested that "Only one small spot in the vast Indian Ocean basin "seems to have received full advanced warning of the waves to come -- the ostensibly British island of Diego Garcia, which is actually a sizeable U.S. military base, a stationary "aircraft carrier" for the war in Iraq." Very interesting. That is from http://www.tomdispatch.com/index.mhtml?pid=2102


Blah blah blah, sorry to change the subject, but now it is time to bring up something very important: the end of this news letter. I have a show on Wednesday, at 11pm, which you are very welcome to attend, at the SIdewlk Cafe here in NYC. If you are at home bored any where in the universe, even on other planets, you may visit my myspace space at http://www.myspace.com/lanceromance and add my as you myspaceter. Oh, and i now have a recording studio open for business. Stop by some time, well make a record.

Oh, and feel free to write back. I do have an intermitent letters sction,and you correspondence of all sorts is always welcome, because I love you. Just kidding.

See you in thefuture, if not the past,

the naturally brewed and hand crafted,
Lizance Borizmañce
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