28: Lunch Time!!!
Wed, Nov 10, 2004 03\13Morn

Hi every body. Its getting cold out. But I will try to warm you up with this super hot news letter. Enjoy.

First off, concert on Wednesday, yes, tonight basicly, at 11pm at the Sidewalk Cafe in NYC. Its on Ave A and E 6th. Anyhoo... I was hoping if your not to busy, maybe you'd like to read the lyrics to some of my newerly written songs. I wonder what you all will think?

Well, first off is a song Called "The Amazing Song". I Actually wrote this song in preperation for Titty Titty Yum Yum, but never got around to recording it. What do you think?

This song is amazing
im quite impressed
this music is great
and these words aree't any less

im amazed by this song
because this songs so hip
its got great words
its on the ill tip

amazing this song is
its sporting creative wealth
its a one of a kind
i wish i wrote it myself

this song has me amazed
im touched by its charm
the deepness of these words
the harmny of these guitars

I actually did write it myself. But anyhoo, next up is a song called "I'm An Ember." I guess this is one of my more serious songs. I wrote it after listening to a Marty Robbins record, and recalling a Frank Sinatra record, where the word "ember" is used as a metaphore for something. I like that word, nd like the idea of it as a metaphore, and thought I should do it too. But what can I think of that is like an emeber??? Hmmm... whhhatatt?... Oh, i know!! I am!!! So here is "I'm an ember."

10-21-04,but real late

An ember is an overused metaphore
but its still one of my favorites that i know
its so old fassioned but represents something so familiar
as the warmth of a fire turns black as cole (or black and cold)

every time someone sings about a dying ember
its usually something very sad
i guess i wonder why it can't be happy
a last reminder of the warmth that we just had

the embers of a lost love they say don't die easy
they flare up when i pass by my old flame
i've heard that before though, so i don't want to use it
but i think i am one, so i guess i'm not to blame

some cliches are still nice and wonderful
still bright and warm imigry thats so strong
and im not just an ember, i also am an aperition
the aperition of an ember in a cliche song

Here is another serious one, whoah mama!!! This one is called "Letter From The Future." Its about a culture that is better than us.

trees aren’t modern/letter from the future

trees aren’t modern/letter from the future

i wish we all haddigital trees
they’d neverget insects or rustle in the breeze
they’d be cheaperto plant and easy to grow
and they’d never lose their leaves
and they could meltt the snow

tree’s aren’t modern
get with the times
the future is now
yes, nature’s a crime

the grass grows in my back yard
its so old fassioned you know
i’m tired of having to water it and cut it
thank good ness for technology, yo
we are smarter than we ever were
we are the best society yet
we’ve eliminated rain and menstral pain
which is why we’re so happy, I’ll bet

we’re the happiest culture ever
we’re all filled with glee
and we’re grinning from ear to ear
go bless tiny tim, cell phones and the president
and thank goodness for low carb beer

i knid of miss music but that’s ok
it was never that good any way {firt bar of beethoven’s 5th to change chords}}
good ridence to everything bad
like crappy movies on a sunday afternoon
bad whisky and the notion of sad

i really like digital toilets
we’re you don’t even have to shit
all you do is just say “poopie”
and that’s really about it

Here is one about Molly Bish, a 16 year old massachusettes lifeguard. I never knew her, but it was a regular story on the news when her bones washed up on shore. There were reports of a crazy man who they thought did it, at which point I wrote the song. As far as I remember though, I believe he was dropped as a suspect. I could be totally wrong here, this was at least a year ago, but I think her folks had said she didn't come home when it was her turn to do the dishes. I likely won't record this song, unless you all like it for some reason. But I'll leave it here for prosparity, I guess.

catches fish with his hands
catches bish with his hands
catches bish with his hands
catches fish with his hands

no one really dies hard
not even a young life gaurd
snorkeler in the back yard
oh hes just a retard

with an under water bone yard
any one can play the murder card
no one really dies hard
life guard needs life guard

no i am not scared of him
snorkler with a hairy chin
he looks at me, i give a grin
now i'm an under water bone bin

who is that man whos catching fishes
and i wonder just where molly bish is
will she be home to do the dishes
i would fulfil her wildest wishes

Here is "The Secret Song." Geez, this is just a string of non lance-esque songs, I think. But stay tuned for "Sleeping Booby."

if i told you a secret
would you hold my hand
wwould you ("look into my eyes" or "ask me questions")?
and try to understand
i mean, if i told you asecret
that mighttrouble you
would you hold my hand
and tell me "i love you"

if i told you something
that might give you ascare
i mean i
but would you still bethere?
cause i've got asecret
that i just have to tell
and my secret is
i'm not feeling very well
don't want to scare you
but would you still be there

if i told you my secret
that means a lot to me
i mean i donn't want to bug you
but its kind of scaring me

and before you jump to conclusions
won't you stay right by my side
cause i justwant some oneto know
juust how im feeling inside

Ok, back to normal now, here is a song called "Sleeping Booby." I of course wrote this just a few weeks ago after watching Sleeping Beuty, and having gotten a new computer. I needed a name for my computer, and i thought that would be a great name. Then I decided to write a song around it. What do you think, Girls?

it was its 16th birthday
that a spell put it to sleep
until i came a long and kissed it
with true love for it to keep

i squeezed it and I touched it
and held it in my arms
and it awoke from its sleeping state
to unleash its (magic / lucky) charms

it was a princess booby
but the which had not forseen
just a kiss on its nipple
would turn it in to a queen

zzzz sss zzzz sss
9/19/04 2:20 am

Well, anyhoo..

I wanted to send my condolences to every body for having such a crappy election this year. It was all my fault, I should have organized it better. But I'm a slacker. Next year will be better, I promise.
So here we are though, with a republican, president, house, senate, and with any luck a supreme court. I have read some pretty scary accounts of what to expect, about theocrats and religion taking over. Are they true??? I dunno, What about the feds watching us?? I dunno. Our protesting rights have never been that good, cirtenly not lately, things don't look to be getting better.
Well, I dunno. I think our hope is with the EU. One they are a major super power, after Tony Blaire is gone I figure, but what do I know, but then, they will charge us with was crimes, and take the president and all his men out to the gallows. Wouldn't that be exciting?? I sure think so. I hope to be there.
As silly as I think it is to just move to Canada or something to escape Bush country, and I've heard there is a real insurgents of applicants, I do like it here. I am at home here and realise it could be a lot worse. I guess some of these left wing fear mongers have gotten me scared enough by writing essays of concievably possable complete take over by the religious right. I mean, it is true that to key issue that Bush won on were gay marrage and Abortion. I dunno, I'm not here to record all this stuff. just to say that, yes, I am excited about the EU and it seems like it will be nice.
But what's the rush??? I just moved to Bushwick, where I have 11 windows, and can roller skate and play the drums in my new apartment. I think I'll stay for a while, despite the cold weather. I also have internet access now. Yay!!!

Also, I've been thinking about hot women from days of yore. I mean, last night I had a dream about the red headed chick froom that oldies super group, the Shangri-La's. That's right, Mary, the lead singer. She was gorgeous. But what drives me nuts about girls like her is that, I mean, god damn it, I really just don't have a chance in hell. You know??? That was in like 1964. She is still alive, actually. Last I heard she operates a furniture store in the lower east side with her husbend. But, I mean, you know. She's married. IAnd not that that bothers me, but, well, yeah, I guess I am kind of jealous. Totally jealous. But shes older than my mom! Though i did see a video of her a few years ago, and she was still pretty hot I guess. But, I dunno. You get the point, don't you??? Its the same thing with Ronnie Spector, another oldies super star. She fronted the Ronettes. Same thing with Alice from the honey mooners, though she's actually dead, and all the girls from those vintage erotica videos Ive been watching lately. its all porn from the 1920's and 30's. Its full on hard core too, its freaking great. They used to show them in the waiting rooms of burlesque houses. But i can dream all I want, and just hit brick walls with agrivation. i really have no chance. See, take Christina Aguelera, out of lack of some one better that I can think of off the top of my head. My chances are pretty freaking low, and you would say "you don't have a chance." But the fact is, as low as my chances are, its still possable. With Alice from the honey mooners, she's long dead!! And where as I guess that doesn't make it entirely impossable, its just not possable. I'm sure you understand, but geez, this has been on my mind all day, so thanks for listening. Your a good pal.

I want to apolagise to the fuckas in ithica for not making it. I got sick and stayed in my house all weekend. I watched an entiree season of the Dick Van Dyke show, though. I love that show!!! And there's another one!! Mary Tyler Moore!!! Anyhoo, ithica, give me a call, and we will rescheduale.

So come to my concert tonight at the Sidewalk, and other wise we have to wait till Decemer 3rd, which is at rocky's/rockstar/shipsmast/mermaid bar on s 5th and kent st here in brooklyn. Thats a friday. But come tonite too.

Anyhoo, thank you every body. i love you all, miss you and hope you will come and visit. Take care of your selves, your friends, and even complete strangers. Its just a good way of doing things. Bye bye!!!

The Little Engine Who Copulated,
Lance Romañce

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