Every so often, when ever I feel up to it, I send out an email to everyone who is subscribed to my mailing list. It is a news letter about everything I can think of. This is an archive of every one I've ever sent out since I started it, in May of 1997.

This archive is, by far, the best compendium of my writing, stories, and biographical information ever assembled in history. Looking through these, you will deffinately find quotes to put in your year book and arguments to help you in court. I recomend you jump around a bit, as you will find that my writing style and oppinions have sometimes changed quite a bit through time.

I shun hevily away from writing the same things ANY one else is written. Most of the stuff in these archives is extrordinarily origional, or a new point of view or argument presented on things people are talking about all ready. That above everything else, I believe, is what makes this archive an intresting browse. So go ahead, kick your shoes off, and take a look around. And if you do like it, subscribe.

Please note: My mailing list has been discontinued. It has been replaced by my News Letter.

The mailing list mainly covers my teenaged years.

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