230: Five Hot Years, And One Hot, Hot Anniversary
5:26:02 10\00Nite
Hi every body!!! Its your old, aging pal Lanceie Romañcie writing you again. Are you all ready for a little bit of letter on letter????? We'll I sure ain't. But I have to send out a new mailing list. Because its today is the 5th anniversary of this here mailing list. That's right, its been one whole year since my 3rd anniversary, and 2 years since my 4th, so I have to send out a special commemorative issue.
So a 5th anniversary is pretty big, huh? So what sort of crazy special thing should I do to celebrate??? Should I run the spell checker? Nah, too much work. Should I have some Celebrity Guests??? Meh. Too much money. Then it occurred to me what I should do for my 5th anniversary. That's right, I should call it quits. So, I hear by announce I am calling it quits. 5 years is plenty of time, I have run out of material, and my arthritis flares up when ever I type.
So with a tear in my eye and who knows what in my colon, I bid you all a fare well. Adieu, adieu, adieu. May we meet again in the spring time of Heaven.

The Lint In Your Belly Button,
Lance Romañce

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