214: Big Boobies For Breakfast
12/30/01 12:01 AM
Yo, I just wanted to clear up some confusion. The annuel breakfast will be held on MONDAY, December 31st. Thats on new years eve, before any parties start. There is no reason you shouldn't come because if you want to go to a party new years eve, you've got to eat a good breakfast if you really want to party hard, right??? This isnt exactly the night you want to be suffering problems from malnutritian, is it??? So come along, hear my last jokes. After words, you can go home, pick up some condoms, maybe have some lunch, and take a nap. Then go do what ever you want for new years eve. What reason do you have not to come??? So come to Ocean Coffee at 110 Waterman street between 9 Am and 1 Pm. Come before work if you have to work.

Anyhoo, that should clear up any confusion. See you Monday!!! And, don't for get on New Years Day, I have a concert in the after noon. And thats at Ocean at well. Make it a Lance Romañce sandwich this year: What better way to finnish off 2001 than with Lance Romañce? And what better way to kick off 2002 than with Lance Romñce??
In case you wondering, my date went wonderfully. I had Lamb Chops. I never had lamb before, it was real good. She had some chicken polo thing. We went to some real super fancy resteraunt in Cranston called "Spain." My date was with the ever lovely list member Julie F. And I thought you would all like to know.

See you new years!!!

The Guy Who Writes The Chalkboard Gags At The Beginning Of The Simpsons,
Lance Romañce

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