213: Big End Of The Year Gigantic Issue Extravaganza Special Issue!
12/29/01 11:21 AM
Howdy, Yall. Lance Romañce writing you while at Ocean Coffee. I feel like such a loser sitting here, typing on a lap top computer, but I have to get some important information out to you as soon as possible. So here is the low down on the new yearial transition:

The Annuel Breakfast:
This year will be the 6th year. This year it will be held at Ocean Coffee Roasters. Be there at about 9am if you can, but I will probably be there till about one. Unfortunately, I have a date with a beutiful girl tonight, so I won't be able to afford to pay for all of your breakfasts this year, so bring a few bucks. I will put on some twist music so we can all dance.

New Years Eve:
I have heard lots rumors that I am playing at the Hive Archive on New Years Eve, some time after midnight. I don't know where these rumors started, but they don't know anything about it at the Hive. There cirtnely is a buzz about it though. It seems that this is where I will be spending new years eve, BUT AM NOT GUARENTEEING a concert. So show up for a good party, but don't expect to see a Lance Concert.

New Years Day:
I am CONFIRMED playing a concert on new years day. At where else, but Ocean Coffee. There are several other bands on the bill, and it is a "secret concert." It should start around 3:30 pm, so if you don't wake up till 4 or 5, you can still make it. It will be free and entertaining. Won't that be nice??

Directions To Ocean:
Well, I am assuming that if you are coming, you all ready know how to get to Thayer st. Go down Thayer till you hit Waterman, and take a left. Its about half a block down, at 110 Waterman st. Go around back, and come in the back door. For better dirrections, call Ocean at (401) 331-JAVA. For less information, don't call any body. If you want to know about the new years days "secret concert," talk to Brian.

Directions to Hive Archive:
Go down broadway. Go past bridge until you hit a fork in the road shaped like v. Go left on this fork, and follow around. Maybe block and half on left. Its in Olnyville, around Olnyville Square. Its in a big brick chruch, accross from a convenience store of some sort. And the entrance is down an alley. You will know you found it cause there should be a party spilling out the front door. For better dirrections, call (401) 453-6811. Don't bother asking about me cause it might not be known till last minute. Again, don't expect me to play, just expect a great party I will probably be at.

Anyhoo, thats all for this year. Probably. I will see you soon. Love and kisses, write in. No letters this week cause this is just a quick mailing. I was only kidding with the subject of this email. Anyhoo, I've got to get ready for my date.

The Voice Of Garfield,
Lance Romañce

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