202: No Fool Am I
8:22:01 9\10Nite
Its official, every body!!!!! I'm a movin out of this damned town called providence. In just a short time, I will be well on my way to.... where???? where am I on my way to???? where am I off to??? Where will Lance Romañce go???? Well, I'll give you a hint. Its near Seattle. Need another hint???? Its in Maine. Give up???? I'm moving to Portland. Thats right, jolly old Portland. In the uncharted state of Oregon.
I don't know anybody in Oregon. I don't have a place to stay and I don't have a job. I'm just going to show up and see what happens. Why Oregon??? Well, why not Oregon. I have heard almost nothing but raves about that town. It sounds like the kind of town where I can just show up and see what happens. It will be a real adventure. And, Oregon is about as far away from providence as earth is from the moon.
How will I get to Oregon??? Well, my first instinct was to take the good ol' Oregon Trail. After all, thats the classic way to get to oregon. I ran into some complications with that idea though: I couldn't afford healthy oxen, my wagon threw some wheels, and I've heard theres some nasty typhoid going around. So insted I will be taking the train. Some people think its crazy to take the train while jet planes are all over the place, but I beg to differ. Thirdly, the train is the classic way to travel, and I'm a classic kind of guy. Fifthly, I'm in no hurry to get to Oregon. Whats my rush??? Air plaines are all hustle and bustle. Get on, fasten your seat belt, eat your peanuts, get off. Thats my impression of an air plaine. Well screw that, ass hole. I don't need none of that. Trains are far more relaxing, and you get far more leasure. On plaines, you can't get any rest. Theres alwasys a stewrdess pestering you about something, or the pilot will say "on your left you can see a forrest" and then the plane suddenly drops thirty feet and starts to raddle, then the pilot says "we are getting some turbulance." Then there are always people screaming and babies crying, the noise of the engine, plus your ears popping, my fear of flying and theres just no room to kick back. And thats just the plain, don't even get me started on the airport itself. Trains, you get some more room and if you don't like your car you can move to another, the ride is much smoother and quieter, and no one is bothering you over the intercom or nothing. Its just get on, take a seat, give me your ticket, and enjoy the ride. Thirdly, is the scenery. Sure the view is amusing from way up high, but you can't really see anything. And, when ever you see anything that looks nice from way up high, you can't see it cause its blocked by clouds. On the train, you really get to see the whole country. All the things you see from way up high you get to actually go through it on a train. Secondly, after the amusing train ride I took from chicago to rochester, which I told you about in my last mailing list, there is no option besides the train. Number two, with a bottle of nyQuil, that couple of days quickly becomes a couple of wet dreams. And even with out the nyquil, I have plenty to do. I got that new game boy, I've got note pads to write in, I've got a walk man, I'll have a window seat, i'll have time to just relax and think about things, and, as demonstrated later in this very issue, I've started reading books, and will have several books with me I can read. I will also have some mad libs. The three or 4 days or so I spend on that train will be like a vacation. I mean, the sooner I get to Oregon, the sooner I have to start looking for a job and trying to find a place to live and make new friends.... I get a few days to just kick back and relax before I have to worry about any of that. I think of the train as a moving vacation resort. A vacation I will spend traveling, every second of that vacation. What a great chance to unwind, Secondly, when I finely do arrive in town, it will be easier to actually get in to town. I mean, air ports are always on the out skirts of town, then I have to pay some cab driver to take me some where. And where would I go???? I've never been to Oregon before. Train stations are usually right in the middle of town. No cabs needed. My plan is to get off the train, check my bags at a near by hotel, pick up a paper, and maybe go to a diner or a coffee shop and ask some people where I should go exactly, and what I should do. Thats my plan.
Now, I fully realise that there is a possabilaty that Oregon might not work out. I know that Portland has a HUGE homeless population, and its possible that I could be homeless my self for a little while. So be it. Thats what adventure is all about, and its adventure that I'm after. I have no problem being homeless for a little bit, but should things not work out in portland, I will be sure to save myself enough money to get a train ticket out of town. Where to next???? Austin, TX. Even if things do work out, I don't plan on staying in Portland for ever. Just a few months. I hope to leave before the first major snow fall anyways, and that next town will likely be Austin, where I do know people and will cirtenly have a place to stay. No matter what, I will not be coming back to Providence any time soon.
My train will be leaving New York City on September 3rd. I am not sure when I will be leaving for New York City. That train will stop in Chicago where I will stop, take a breather, possably a sleep, and then I will continue on to Portland from there.

To bid farewell to providence, I will be holding a special concert in my honor. "Lance Romerto's Farewell Concertos" will be held this coming saturday, the 25th of august. It will begin at 6pm sharp and will be held at Ocean Coffee Roasters. Come in through the back door!!!!!! Ocean Coffee is located here in providence, at 110 Waterman st, just off Thayer st. Be there and say good buy!!!!!

A lady came into work the other day and asked for a sundae with chocolate topping.
"Hot fudge?" i said, recapper her order.
"No, just a chocolate topping," she said, in a nice manor.
"Choclate sprinkles?" I asked.
"No, just a chocolate topping," she repeated in a nice manor again.
"I'm sorry," I said. "The only chocolate topping we have is hot fudge."
So she said "Well I never."
Being the customer service afficionaddo that I am, I gave her a discount to not make her mad. I really like giving people discounts.
There was another time when a woman came in and asked for her ice cream to be served in a waffle cone, so i got her a waffle cone.
"No," she said. "A waffle cone," pointing at a wafer cone.
"Ok. Thats a wafer cone."
"No, a waffle cone," she incorectly corrected. And she was there with her family and kept asking her kids if they wanted their ice creams in waffle cones too, but she still was talking about wafer cones. What really bothered me was that she was teaching her kids to call wafer cones waffle cones, so when they grow up, they are going to do the same thing and ask for waffle cones when they really want wafer cones. Some times i think people enjoy being as confusing as possable. You can totally spell everything out for people, and be very clear, get them what they asked for, then they tell you they wanted something different. It happens all the time. People are such a pain in the ass.
There is a sundae we have at work called the Kaberry Kaboom sunday. It is very annoying to make. Here is how you make it: First, you put in some whip cream. Then six pieces of pound cake. Then some strawberries. Then 2 oz. of Kaberry Kaboom flavored ice cream. Then some blue berries. Then some more whipped cream. Then 6 more pieces of pound cake. Then some more straw berries. Then 2 more oz of kaberry kaboom ice cream. then some blue berries. Then some more whipped cream. Then some more blue berries. We have to make this sundae a lot because there are big ads up for it all over the place. I do not like making this sundae, so I try to make it as disgusting as possable so that no one will order it again. The strawberries we use are floating in this sugarry red strawberry juice. I just pour lots and lots and lots of that juice in so it just makes who ever is eating it feel sick afterwords. I also put in too much whip cream, and skimp on things like actual berries and ice cream and pound cake. I think it works too, because I don't have to make nearly as many as I used too.
A few weeks ago, all the sinks at work were clogged up. Joe, who at the time was my boss, was getting agrivated. All the sinks were clogged, all three of them, and a plumber had to be called in. I had just cut my hair the day before, and so I said to my boss "I knew I shouldn't have cut my hair over the sink." This scared the shit out of him for a minute. It wasn't true, I was only kidding. But I still thought it was good for a few laughs.
In the back of Ben & Jerries, we have a fridge. It is filled with extra bottles of milk, orange juice, apple juice, berries, extra pound cake, vats of cookie batter and vats of brownie batter. I like to eat the batter. Its easy to eat the cookie bvatter and not get in trouble because it is in chunks and breaks off. But the other day I wanted to have some Brownie batter. I stuck my fingers in and had a few licks, but became a bit worried because i left big finger prints in the batter. It would be obvious to any zealous supervisor that some one had stuck their fingers in, which could cause some trouble. So what I did was I took a big glob of cookie batter, and ran it through the brownie batter. This smeared the finger prints, so now it just looked like something had scraped through the brownie batter, an not some one's fingers. On top of this, I now had a pice of cookie batter covered in brownie batter, which caused a delicious little snack.
Despite what it looks like here, I am actually a pretty good employee. I make some of the best milk shakes and smoothies you've ever had. Just don't ever ask me to make you a kaberry kaboom sundae. But I do work hard there.

The first letter this week is from Marc Omelsky of Sailer, Highway.

Hey Lance,
You need to write a song like the tribute to O.j. about a tribute to Gary
Condit! Tell me what you think.

Dear Marc,
Well, I'll tell you the problem with that, Marc. I did the tribute to OJ Simpson cause I love the guy. I don't really like Gary Condit. I mean, lets face. He just plum wasn't in any of the naked gun movies.
I do appreciate your idea, Marc. You may find it intresting to know that I am thinking about taking that old song about Route 66 and doing it about the Oregon Trail. I still have to do some research first and all, so that i know what I'm talking about.

The second letter is from Louise Ellis of Grahm, ER:

Ben, I will be your secretary

Dear Louise,
Thats all well and good, but I still need to see your resume. Also, I've heard that your a whore. Is this true???? If so, I'd like to see some cradentials. A good whore makes a good secratery, thats what I always say.

I should also let you know of one last incident at Ben & Jerries. The new owner, John, decided that because the register has been a wee bit short yet, that employees would no longer be getting tips. Now, there is one register at Ben & Jerries, and it doesn't account for very much. There are up to 10 people working on that same register everyday, with out ever changing the drawer between shifts. Its the same drawer of money from the 14 or 15 hours the store is open each day. In any establishment with such a set up, you have to expect to be a little off most of the time. Thats just how it works, until you get a more sophisticated system to figure out who exactly is shorting the drawer. The owner, how ever, decided that we would just not be getting our tips any more until the drawer is even. Well, I have been in retail for some years now, and I will be damned if I am the reason the drawer is short. Further more, i do work hard there, my boss has frequently complimented me on my co operation and hard work. So my reward for co operation and hard work is a pay cut???? Ha!!!! Well, I was told this in the middle of my shift this past sunday night. I suddenly became very angry and found it very hard to provide adaquit customer service. I became even more flustered when I saw people put some money in the tip jar. Those people thought they were giving the tips to us, when in fact they would be going to the owner. I couldn't stand watching that, so I took the tip jar down, so no one else would put in any more money. I was then told I couldn't do that because the money goes to John and that the tip jar had to stay up. What is this??? A business or a fundraiser??? At that point, I signed my self out and left.
I actually showed up the next day at 5 pm for my next shift, for some reason, but my name had all ready been crossed off the schedual. It wasn't all bad because my last day was supposed to be Wednesday anyways. It really bothers me though because I was so close to leaving on good terms. Thats a total pain in the ass.

Description: My Fingers.
My fingers are nice. I am over 21 and a half years old and i still have all ten of them. I have not lost one yet. My fingers aren't the cleanest fingers in the world. I wash them plenty, but very rarely with soap. I rarely dry them. They smell like cigars right now, but normally they smell like any body's fingers. They tend to pick up smells from what ever they were most recently handling. Taste works the same way. They normally taste like any body's fingers, but can taste like other things they were last handling. They are not too hairy. They have a little scuff of hair between the knuckle and the first finger joint, but after that joint their is no hair. I play enough bass and guitar so that I have good calluses on my fingers. Last year, I was in an ensamble where I was playing bass. We played the song "Give It Away" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which requires a lot of sliding. My fingers got blisters and started to bleed. I had little regaurd for that though and continued to play, which made my calluses stronger. I get a lot of hang nails, but don't have any right now. I have been prone to hang nails through out my whole life. On the pointer finger on my right hand, there is a scar on under the first joint, on the inside. It is from when I was attacked by ten year old girls once when I was 16. I started painting my fingernails when I was 14 years old, while at summer camp. This was just a couple months before i started high school. I have always painted them blue. Every so often, I've tried a different color once in a while, but never really got much of a kick out of anything else. I still like to paint my nails blue, but don't as much now, because I am often traveling around and looking for new jobs, and having painted finger nails doesn't always help me out. I try to keep my toes painted, because there is no problem with that, but have not been doing that as much lately either. I would like to start painting my nails regularly again some day, but will probably wait until I settle down a bit more. I used to bite my finger nails alot, but really cut down when I started painting them, because I didn't want to eat nail pollish. I do stick my fingers in my nose a lot because I still have my life long habbit of picking my nose AND eating it. I enjoy this habbit and have no intention of kicking it. I like my fingers.

I asked my friend Liz Daniels, who I work with, to give me a list of 10 different occupation. I will now give you that list, and give you a bennafit and draw back for each one.

1. Lawyer
+You get to be in the news paper a lot
-Your always have to court and you have to do lots of preperation
2. Doctor
+You get to see lots of naked women
-If people find out what you do to them when they are asleep you get in a lot of trouble
3. Teacher
+Teachers unions make it so you can't get fired
-You can't smoke cigars in class
4. Waiter
+You can jack off at work
-Lots of crabby customers
5. Business Man
+Fat wallet
-You HAVE to spend your money on stupid yuppie things
6. Ice cream scooper
+I get to give out ice cream to every one
-My boss is a moron
7. EMT
+You get to save lives and rescue people
-You have to save people you don't like
8. Coach
+You get to work with Tony Randal and Craig T Nelson, and you get to blow a whistle and use a stop watch
-No body really likes the gym teacher
9. Polatician
+You get to stand up and protect the rights of your citicens
-Its easy to get fired for stupid things
10. Secratery
+You get to sit around all day talking with the other girls in the office
-You have to spend all your off hours at the hair dresser

I asked my friend Louise DeCurits to write down 10 nouns, and then 10 adjictives, and not show them to me. I then wrote down 10 adjictives, and 10 nouns, and put them next to Louise's. Then, I made sentances connecting the two words. The words I came up with ARE ALL IN CAPS, while Louise's words are (in parentacees). The rest of the sentence is typed normally.

1. I am HAPPY because i have new (sunglasses).
2. Don't be SAD just because a bird shit in your new (hair-do), Sally.
3. You are ANGRY because i sent pictures of your (hair don't) to the Oprah Wimphry Show.
4. There was a BEUTIFUL girl at the park who let me (comb) through her shorts.
5. FRIVALOUS (bikini)
6. What is that MILK OF MAGNESICAL fluid coming out of your (butt)?
7. It was that SWAMPY stench coming out of her arm pit that finely convinced me to leave my (lover).
8. After a VIGOROUS fight with Lee (Rocker), I was able to take his wallet.
9. I had quite a TRIFLING experience trying to get my cap back from that (playa-hater) who's working at the hat check.
10. In the AUTUM, I usually skip (church) to shoot billiards.

1. You are (ugly), but when you where your HAT you are some what respectable.
2. It was kind of (stupid) for me to not bring a BLANKET.
3. In order to simulate the climate of a (wild) jungle, we brought in a gigantic HUMIDAFIER.
4. That girl is so damn (stylin), even her EYE BALL is super hip.
5. I'm no (wacko), just because I pushed my wife into an intergalactic VORTEX.
6. That girl is so (hairy), I wouldn't touch her with a lead GLOVE.
7. The (velvety) seats of this car are sure nice to sit in while we're stuck in TRAFFIC.
8. There's usually a really (hazy) cloud surrounding me, so I never see the SPEED BUMP.
9. Your (heavenly) body is obviously too beutiful to have come from this meager LAND.
10. You are way to (roley-poley) and topsy turvey to be riding a porcilan UNICORN.

I'm not exactly sure what to make of this one. Three seperate friends of mine, on three seperate occasiions were all looking through used CDs at In Your Ear, a local record store, that happens to carry my stuff. All three reported finding a copy of Titty Titty Yum Yum, my most recent CD, in the USED section. USED!!!! I have many mixed feelings about this one. I mean, why would some one sell it??? Why would they not like it??? Maybe they bought it, and burned it onto another CD. This is quite possable. On the other hand, however... In Your Ear is notorious for being very picky about what CDs they will buy used. They won't by any old crap, they only want the top of the line. I once tried selling several CDs there, including a Rolling Stones, a Beatles, A Don McLean, a Nirvana, a Steve Miller Band.... I had a pile of 13 CDs with recognisable names, and they only took the Rolling Stones and the Nirvana. Very, very picky. So in that respect, I am quite honored that they bought my CD back. That means they prefer me over the fuckin Beatles, man!! The fuckin Beatles!!!! On top of that, I like the fact that my CD is now in 2 different sections, which means that there is double chance that people will see it, thinks it looks intresting, and buy it even though they've never heard of it. What wierd, though, is the used copy is marked at 8 bucks while the new copy is marked at 6 bucks. It wouldn't totally sirprise me if its a bottleg copy, how ever. My friend Dave keeps saying thats the sign I've made it.

I am smoking a cigar write now. about two weeks ago, i bought a bundle of twenty five cigars from a cigar shop on south main street called Sir Winston's. The brand of cigars i bought are also called Sir Winston's, even though they were made by a totally different company. Sir Winston is a common title among cigar related things because Sir Winston Churchill was an avid cigar smoker. He smoked big big cigars. In fact, the term for the biggest cigars is a Churchill. This is the cigar size i usually smoke. So i took my new bundle of cigars, and started smoking out side i front of Ocean Coffee Roasters, a place where i like to go alot, and its a nice place to sit back and have a cigar. How ever, the place RIGHT NEXT DOOR to ocean coffee is another Cigar shop, called the Red Carpet Smoke Shop.It is owned by a man named Mr. Chaika. Not a lot of people like him. I once stole 20 dollars from his son when i was in 8th grade, and i had to go into the smoke shop to return it to him. Any hoo, i was smoking my cigar next door out side ocean coffee, and i still had my big bundle of cigars with me, when Mr Chaika walked by. He didn't say anything. I continued to smoke. He walked back a few minutes later, and this time took more notice of me. He saw my big bundle of cigars, but did not remember me coming in, so with out even acknowleging me, he bent over to see the brand on my cigar. It said "Sir Winston's," which, as you may recall, is also the name of the other cigar store in town. So he looked at them then, as he continued in walking back to his store, he said simply, in a real short manor, "Hm."

When I was in 8th grade, my class, along with the 7th grade went on a class trip. We hopped on a chartered bus, and went to new york city, philly, washington DC, 6 flags of new jersey, and then returned home. Red Carpet Smoke Shop's owner Mr. Caika's son Ben was in the 7th grade. We sat next to each other at a major league base ball game we saw in philadelphia. I lied to him and told him i didn't have any more money left, so he lent me 20 bucks. I accepted it with no intention of ever paying him back. But Ben Chaika found out i lied to him, and after i continuelly refused to give him is 20 bucks back, he decided to get the parents involved and my parents got pretty mad at me. So one day, they took me into Mr Chaika's shop and made me return it to him. My friend Louise DeCurtis, not to be confused with Louise Ellis, who's place I am sent the last mailing list from, said Mr Chaika used to be her land lord at one time. She told me of an instance when he came into her apartment drunk and fell over on to the floor. Louise has nice hair.

I have never been much of a reader. When I was in school, i was frightened so bad by reading, I had a very hard time dealing with all the reading asignments in school As a result, I became convinced that I was unable to read a full length novel. However, the fact that there are so many books I have been longing to read, but this notion has kept me from reading any of them. 1984, The Great Gatsby, Sammy Davis Jr's auto biography... All of these books have long been on my list of things to read. Finely, I broke down and just had to start reading. I decided to start with one of the very few books that we read in school that I really liked and understood: Catcher In The Rye. We read it in english when i was 17 It was the only book we read that year that I really understood, and enjoyed reading. Unfortunately, the school rushed through it, and I was un able to really get a good grasp on the book in the less than 2 weeks we spent on it. Finely, four and ahalf years later, I picked the book up. And, I am very pleased to anounce that, for the very first time in my life, your dear old Lance has finley read full length book from cover to cover.
I was so excited by the novel, that I felt so compelled to do something I never thought I would feel compelled to do: write a book report. Thats write, I'm not even in school and I wrote a book report, just for jollies. So I present to you now, Lance Romañce's very first leisure time book report, based on the very first book Lance Romañce has ever read cover to cover: JD Salenger's Catcher in the Rye.

Ben Garber

I have long been told of the reclusivness of author JD Salinger. Despite the many questions one might like to ask him, JD Salenger has never done interviews. He is known to have lots of unreleased material, keeping his library of published works very small. And, despite the unpresidented success of his books, particularly Catcher In The Rye, it is quite unusual in this day and age to have such a successful book not be turned into a motion picture. However, durring a recent reading of Catcher in the Rye, it occored to me that a movie had been made out of this controversal book. The movie version is called Taxi Driver and was made by Martin Scorsese.
The first clue is found within the simalarities between the main characters. Both Holden Caulifield of Catcher in the Rye, and Travis Bickle from the Martin Scorsese picture, are very very similer. They are both very lonely fellows, avoiding their parents, wondering the streets of New York City. They are both disgusted by just about everybody. They both are very sure that their slightly unusual veiws are the correct views. And they both frequently contradict them selves.
In Taxi Driver, the following conversation takes place between a girl named Betsy, and the story's main character, Travis:

Betsy: You know what you remind me of?
Travis: What?
Betsy: That song by Kris Kristoferson.
Travis: Who's that?
Betsy: The song writer. (Reciting line from song:) Hes a prophet and a pusher, partly truth, partley fiction. Walking contradiction.
Travis: You saying that about me?
Betsy: Who else would I be talking about?
Travis: I'm no pusher, I never have pushed.
Betsy: No, no. Just the part about the contradictions. You are that.

Both characters could be easily described by that line. Both, through their actions and what they say, frequently contradict the things they say and write. Most notably, Travis's dislike for prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers and sex. He dislikes filth. How ever, he contradicts him self with his frequent attending of adult movie theaters. When he got a date with Betsy, he took her to an adult theater. Betsy was so disgusted that she stormed out, leaving Travis alone. Holden Caulafied displays a simaler contradiction. Holden hates the movies, as well as theater. He hates actors and calls them, interestingly enough, prostitutes. He frequently complains of how actors are just prostituting themselves. Actors prtend to be people they are not just to make money. This is what likely translated into travis's dislike for prostitutes in the movie version. Further more, however, Holden constantly contradicts himself in the book by attending SEVERAL movies. When he gets to go on a date with Jane Galligher, he takes her to see a play, which is very contradictary to what Holden always says. Its not long after the play that Holden says the wrong thing to Jane and she storms out very quickly, leaving holden alone again.
The prostitution aspects of both book and film are what really clued me in on the simalaraties between the two versions, as both book and film do contain the same scene with a prostitute. Both Holden and Travis make it no secret that they hate prostitues, and have no respect for such a person. However, both Holden and Travis both end up getting a prostitute one night. And, in both cases, when the prostitute is ready to preform a sexual act, they both refuse, even after paying. Insted, they would rather simply have a conversation with the prostitute. It is not a common scene where a man gets a prostitute and only wants to talk to her, and, even after paying, refuses to engage in the sexual acts the girl has been hired to preform.
I have long found one of the most fascinating aspects of Taxi Driver arises in a conversation between Travis and a fellow cab driver named Wizard. Wizard tells Travis how a man becomes what he does. He points out that a man is identafied by his profession. Though the conversation seems stupid and pointless, it actually turns out to have interesting relavence to other aspects of the film. For starters, when Betsy first points out Travis to her co-worker Tom, she identafies him only as "that taxi driver accross the street." More interestingly, in the end of the film, news paper headlines read "Taxi Driver Battles Gangsters" and "Taxi Driver Hero To Recover," again, suggesting the relavence of a man's profession to who he is. And lastly, nothing suggests this point more bluntly than the very title of the movie: Taxi Driver.
Although JD Salenger made no obvious effort to suggest this same theory, the same point was still made. When Holden is asked what he wants to do for a living, he gives an unusual answer: He describes kids playing in a field of rye, and how at the end of the rye field, there is a cliff. The kids often fall off this cliff, so Holden wants to be a catcher, and keep the kids from falling off. Holden then says it more simply, saying what he wants to be is the catcher in the rye. Again, the title of the work is what proves the point here. Both works identafy the main character in their title, but by profession only.
Both of these professions have been known to be metaphors. Martin Scorsese himself has frequently talked about how the profession of taxi driver allowed for a great metaphor for Travis's lonliness. Reading groups every where have found Catcher in The Rye to be a metaphore. Lets look again at Holden's description of what a Catcher in the rye is. The kids playing in the rye field represents the inocence of child hood. When they fall off the cliff, they loose their innocence, they become adults. They become exposed to all the dirtyness and scum of the adult world. The same scum that both Holden and Travis repatedly complain of. The same scum that Travis Bickle repeatedly says he hopes a rain comes and washes it all away.
These similaraties are the key ties between Catcher in The Rye and Taxi Driver. The only difference between the two is that Holden wants to save the children before, while Travis tries to save them after. It is also important to notice that both Holden and Travis's ideas on how to solve the problems are fantasies. Being a catcher in the rye, or having a rain come, are both impossable, and are both fantasy, both dreams. But they are both metaphores, and they both come true.
Both Holden and Travis want to be heroes. They both want to save the children. In Catcher In The Rye, the child is Phoebe, Holden's sister. Phoebe displays the youth and innocence that Holden cherishes. When the book end's, she is still maintaining that same youth and inosence, implying that Holden was able to catch her, and keep her as a child. In Taxi Driver, the child is a 12-year-old prostitute named Iris. She represents the ultamite in loosing youth and innosence. So the rain must fall, the rain must wash away the scum. The rain comes as a storm of bullets. Travis shoots to death the pimp who keeps Iris prostituting herself. He also kills many of the pimp's employees. He has now washed away the scum, completeing the rain metaphore, and, now that Iris can be returned to her parents, she is able to regain her innosence. Holden completed his metaphore by "catching" his sister before she lost her innosence, while Travis completed his by "washing away all the scum" that had dirtied Iris, so she could regain hers.
Although there are differences in the two stories, they are earily similer enough to be the same. Taxi Driver is different enough so that it can hold its own, it won't be called a copy, and the makers of the film won't be sued for copy right infringment. However, it drops just enough clues to let the audience know that it is telling the same story.

Well thats it for now. Be sure to come to my Farwell Concertos 6 PM THIS SATURDAY at Ocean Coffee Roasters at 110 watterman, just off thayer street. I will see you there. I should also mention I am sending this from my friend Megan's house, who gives my lots of free tea. A guy named nick, who lives and works with her, also lives here, but he doesn't talk much. Any hoo, I hoo, i hope write you again in a few weeks, after my oregon adventure. Until then, ta ta. See you all saturday.

The blackness in your coffee,
Lance Romañce VII

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