194: Love's Floridian Chapter
3:18:01 11\45Morn
Good morning my fellow mousketeers. How are you today??? As you may recall, I mailed out my last mailing list from Brooklyn. Though it arrived to you guys on Wednesday, I actually sent it out on Monday, while waiting for a bank card to arrive. Here is what has happond since then.

On tuesday morning, I went down to ABC studios to see a taping of a women's program called "the View". It is a daytime talkshow where 4 or 5 women sit around a table talking about current events, their lives, and polatics, and then interview a guest or two. One of the women is Barbra Walters and Lucy Liu. Well, I went down in the hopes of being in the studio audience and stood in line for stand by tickets. I had no problem getting in. The guests on the show were, out of all people, a person who has comlpetely the opposite polotics than I do, NRA president Charlton Heston. Can you believe I saw him in person??? He was on to promote the DVD release of Ben-Hur, a movie he starred in many moons ago. I do not like that man at all, but am glad to have seen him in person. He looked like hes ready to die soon, hes a very old man. The other guest on was, I believe, Bill Bryson, a political talk show host on the fox news network. He was of course on promoting his TV show, as well as
Before I went on the show, I called my friend Dave L. back in Providence and told him to tape the show cause I would be on it. Aperently, I must have gotten an audience close up or something. Dave and some other people said they saw me and even knew what shirt I was wearing. So I was on national TV with charlton heston!!!! Hoorah!!!!! And they taped it so I will get to watch it over and over again when I get home. That was a fun show to go see, and I hope to see it again when I get back to New York in a few weeks.

Well, while I was having grand ol' time chilling with Barbra Waletrs, Lucy Liu and Charlton Heston, the federal express man was in brooklyn trying to deliver my Bank Card. He didn't have a whole lot of luck because I was out shootin the shit with Charlton Heston and Lucy Liu. Well, I had to wait around until 6 PM, then go down to Federal Express's house to pick up my card. Once I got it, I packed up all my stuff, then went down to the port athority to take the 11:30 bus down to Orlando. While waiting for the bus, I went and got my self some nyquil, which after taking, shortened the 24 hour bus ride down to about 5 minutes. What is great about nyquil is that, all though it knocks you out cold, it doesn't nessisarily make you fall asleep. This is good because it doesn't upset my sleeping pattern, and when I arrived in florida after 11pm the next day (Wednesday), I was able to fall asleep with out any trouble at an appropriate time.
Today is Sunday and I am sending out the first mailing list I've ever sent while in Orlando, Florida. I have been staying with my pal, list member Jenny M. and we have been having a grand ol' time. We have been going to night clubs, playing minature golf, going to Chuck E Cheese and going shopping. I have been able to make some good friends down here rather quickly, as I have been hanging out with all of Jenny's friends, who are fun and delightful. Also, most of them are girls which I find even more delightful.
On Thurday night, we all went down to a club called Tabu. It was lady's night and I went with three ladies who all get in for free. This club sucked. Now, I just came from New York City where i went to a real rave with music you could dance to quite easily. Dance music down here is different, it has a different beat, and its harder to dance to. I thought the DJ sucked, and the people at the club, and i don't just mean people who worked there, but every one in the auidence too, most of them were ass holes. People don't know how to walk down here. You will just be walking and people will just get right in front of you and make it so you can't walk. Its something you have to deal with to really understand the full annoyence of it. Also, they don't allow you to where hats in the club, which is one of the strangest rules I've ever put up with. So the confiscated my nice wool hat, the one I'm wearing on my web site in the pictures from Foxwoods. They took my hat, the music wasn't
The next day, me and Jenny went out with Jenny's pregnet friend Gilma, a puerto rican sweet heart with a baby in her belly. We started the evening out by going to a restaraunt called Hops, which sucked because all the waiters were jocks, and they had no idea what they were doing. The food wasn't bad though. Next stop was miniture golf, which was fun. Gilma won, I came in second by about 10 strokes, and jenny just plum lost. Afterwords we went to the Chuck E Cheese next door. Now, normally, they don't let you in Chuck E Cheese with out kids. I don't know if the fact that Gilma was pregnet had anything to do it, but we told the bouncer that we just wanted to pick up a cake, so they let us in with out any fan fare. Next stop was the home of a girl named Richelle. Richelle was an intresting stop because her family are real live red necks. We sat on the pourch out side and hung out for a few minutes. They are the kind of red nexks where every one in the family is real fat and so
Yesterday was just a free lance day, where we drove around for a while. Jenny's friend Jenny was looking to buy a new car, so we went to a couple car lots, where me and Jenny watched Jenny get turned down because she is 19, she doesn't have any credit, shes only had her job for about 3 or 4 months and all she had was 200 dollars. The first car dollar ship we stopped at offered me a detailing job for 400 dollars a week. Not bad, eh?? Maybe I will stop by if ever end moving down here.
Home life over the past few days... Well, its been fun. A lot of just hanging around and enjoying the nice weather. A week before arriving I was shuveling snow, and now i am starting to tan. Every day I go out on Jenny's balcony, listen to my radio and smoke a fat cigar. On Friday, I smoked one cigar for an hour and a half!!!!! God, that was just wonderful. Jenny had two room mates when I arrived, but they were real nerdy. One of ofthem was 30, lived in a college complex, and then called the cops when ever Jenny turned on the radio. They moved out on friday, so now me and Jenny have the place to our selves.
Jenny's finnishing her spring break today, and returns to school tomarrow. Thats when I will be going to Disney World. I do not have any immediate plans to leave yet. I still need to get in touch with Javed about going to texas, and I am also trying to find some housing in Los Angeles for a few days. I have been having lots of fun down here and will tell you more later.
If you have been sending me letters, I have not been getting them. Please send all letters to me to the address 2pac4eva@giantrats.com and also, forward me any letters you've sent me since last wednesday, as I have not gotten them. hence, no letters section. So send all mail to this new address.
Any hoo, thats it for now. I will write you again later, floridagator. Until next time, stay sunshiney.
The Govener of Florida,
Jeb Bush

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