184: A Study of Blood And The Woman
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You know, i'm not one for all these mdical doctor shows on TV. ER, Hawaiin Hospital, Giant Doctors... what ever they called, i dont know, i'm making uup the names, thogh a show with Giant Doctors could be cool. Any hoo, i just wanted to tell every body that I don't like these doctor shows much, and that there is only one doctor show I like, but its not on any more. I like Doogie Houser. That is the only one i like. Even MASH, which was a doctor show, i kind of like it, but its never really struck my chord.

I like it when books take place in chronological order. The metaphore of turning pages to represent time is an ingenious idea. Books that are set up chronologicly make time travel as easy as turning to a different page. Books that are set up alphabeticly, such as dictionaries, phone books, and the guiness book of records, lack my aproval. To hell with crapy and unintresting out of ordorder books. They protest the very idea of time travel. Boooo!!! Hisss!!!

Lance Romañce would like to declare hime self anti-stock market. "The Stock Market," feels Lance, "discourages local buisness and encourage obnoxious and overly-rapid growth." For this reason, Lance Romañce does not par take in the stock market in any way, and encourages you to do the same. Lance also would like to declare that the most evil and unrespectable type of person is not the lawyer or the politician, as I respect both. The most evil and unrespectible person is clearly, with no contest, the buisness man.

Fort thunder is a place near federal hill here in providence, where there is always a party. It is an abandoned where house which has been inhibited by young local artists, On holoween, this old where house has such a good party going on that the party got shut down by the cops because all the people went over the maximum capicity, which was conisdered a fire hazard. Its not often I come back at the end of the night and say "wow, twhat an awsome night," but 2 out of three times, i come home from Fort Thunder saying just that. There is no admission because people live there: its NOT a club, its just there is always an awsome party. And, though they some times have a DJ, they usualy have a band playing. Its so much cooler to have a band playing than a record, and the bands are usualy awsome and every one is dancing. Andy Warhol would love this place!!! I don't really know how to describe the place any better, but its unbelieveable and easily matches wits with disney world as being one of the most wonderful places on earth.
Evil, evil buisness men puchased Fort Thunder, the heavan that it is, as well as land around it. They want to evict the people who live there, knock everything down, and build a shopping plaza, which would include a block buster video, a radio shack, a shaws super market, as well as other big chains. There is only one fort thunder, and many bands that go through Fort Thunder attest that there is no other place in the entire world that even compares to fort thunder, but there are at least 3 or 4 other block buster video stores in providence alone. Why do we want another block buster video??? They are just going to have the same movies. Buisness men have a habit of "just not getting it," and "ruining a good thing."

Here is a new song. Its a childrens song and i wrote it especially for you, because i love you. All of you:

wally wally wally be
oh where oh where can you be
i've looked for you everey where
oh wally i can't see

i've looked in the town
and i've looked all around
i've looked in the hospitol
and i've looked up and down

i've looked in the sewer
and i've looked in the street
i've looked over my head
and under my feet

wally wally wally be
oh where oh where can you be
i've looked for you everey where
oh wally i can't see

whally wally where have you gone
i'm sorry i said you were wrong
why did you run away
please come back to me and your mom

wally wally wally be
oh where oh where can you be
i've looked for you everey where
oh wally i can't see

This year has come in a full circle. The year 2000 thousand started with lots of angry protests in florida, and is ending with lots of protests in florida. This year has been a lack luster in terms of big news, but the three biggest news stories of the year: what to do with Elian Gonzales in Miami, My pal Jenny moved to florida and is now a disney robot, and now the election in florida. You know, both New Mexico and Oregon are still undecided too, but no body cares about them. This is a perfect part of this letter to introduce....


I have to stand up and take a defense about Dan Rather. I love Dan Rather, hes my favorite News Ancher Person. Every one has been giving him a hard time lately cause hes been making funbny analagies but i like his analogies. The thing that I must wonder about though is how the fuck does he stay awake. On election night, I stayed up watching till about 1.30, and then I had to get up at about 9.30 and i turned on the TV and he was still there. Then i got home after work at 6 and he was still on tv. And he stayed on!!!! My oh my, i can't go 5 minutes with out sleeping, this guy goes 5 days. If i ever meet him, i want to slip some nyquil in his drink.

This election has absolutly depleted all of what was left of this countrie's low morale. It is lance romañce's beliefe that such low morale will cause vionlance to go up, school shootings and people "going postal" will likely multiply. There will be more big protests where things turn violent, there will be more people breaking into houses.... and of course the turn out at the next presidential election will be the all time lowest. Some people may say "how can election make these things happen?" Well, people all ready don't trust the government, and this election has rid of a lot of the trust that will still left. With out trust for the government, people stop caring about breaking laws, or or mis representing what this country stood for. No one will really care any more.

Why do president's choose vice presidents that so many people hate???? Dan Quayle was just plum bad and there was no question, but Clinton's choice for Al Gore now seems particularly poor. As the vice president often has a chance at the presidency after the president they ran under terms out, the presidential canidates should make better choices choosing some one respectable who is worthy of the presidency after words.

Thats it for now, see you tomarrow.

Turtle Stompin Papa,
Lance Romañce

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