183: Vote Nader
11:8:00 9\07Nite

Well, you never know. The race isn't over. Nader could still win those
last few states, and take the presidency home with him. Personally, I
think that when the country is split so fiecely on the canidates, that
means that we need to find new canidates that more people can aggree on,
because no matter who wins, the opposition is so strong that it only
hurts the country. a What ever happoned to 2/3rds majority? I think
requiring 2/3rds majority to win the election is very, very good idea.
This makes assures that the president elected is actualy the president
that the people want. This 51 to 49 percent idea just doesn't make
anyone happy.

You know what just occured to me??? The planet Uranus has a funny name.
Look at this: If you break the word up, you can find two spacific words.
The most obvious is Anus, which is at the end, but there is allso the
over lapping word Uran. Now what is funny about the fact that its called
Uranus, or as i call it, Uran Anus, is that Uran does NOT come out of the

I have come to the conclusion that pizza is a very livable food, and
eating nothing but pizza, as I do, is a fantasticly square meal. With
dairy in the cheese, wheet in the crust, vegtables in the sauce and meat
in the peperoni, you mange to squeeze all 4 food groups into one
delicious little food gem.

Remember, my new album is still available on www.giantrats.com, and its
awsome. It is also now being sold at Contrast Records (formaly Fast
Forward) on the 3rd Floor at 5 Steeple st. here in providence. It is
also still available at Tom's tracks, In your ear, and in Boston at Mars
Records at 299 Newbery st.

On another remember to do note, remember to vote for Ralph Nader to be
the next great american president.

The Beach Boys are better than the Beatles. The Beatles are often
considered to have revolutionised music. I have come to the conclusionb
that they did not. What they did revolutionise was production. All the
innovations and experiments were generally with production. The Beach
Boys, how ever, were experimental more in a musical sensze, experimenting
hevily with instrumentation and arrangment. The beatles may have brought
in sitar and indian instruments, but i was nothing new. Thewy just
popularised it. The beach boys used a sitar before the beatles did, as
well as the use of a Theremin, soda bottles, and all sorts of wacky
choral arangments. The Beatles experimented more with tape loops, mic
use and sampling, and just over all production. Both bands did go the
way of the late 60s with heavy experimentation, but it is important to
keep in mind that the beach boys went just a little sooner. Of course
the beatles surpass the beach boys greatly in popularity, but thats not
the topic at hand, so its irrelevant. And, there are two other things
that i persoionally like much better about the beach boys: First, while
the Beatles were singing about god knows what, the Beach Boys's lyrics
tended to make a hell of a lot more sense. Secondly, I just love that
good old home grown AMerican Sound that the Beach Boys had, and the
Beatles, being Brittish, just could never achieve.


Dear Ann Landers: Thank you for printing that letter about heating rice
in a sock instead of using a heating pad to ease muscle pains. When I
read it, I was bathed in memories of my Chinese childhood. My mother used
to heat rice in a pan and add a few slices of raw ginger. She would wrap
the concoction in a cloth and apply it like a poultice to ease the
tightness in our chests when we had head colds. The fragrance of the
heated ginger has stayed with me to this day, and it always brings me
comfort. Thank you for reminding me. -- Virginia in Bethesda, Md.

Dear Virginia,
It should be noted that the heated rice method has been linked to tumors.
Though it is an effective way to deal with muscle pains, it is not
recommended because of the high cancer risk. Instead, try using heated
seaman. Rubbing it all over your back will ease muscle pain by as much
as 150 times.
Anne Landers

Dear Ann Landers: When my husband retired, I said, "I've been getting up
at 5:30 a.m. and cooking breakfast for you for 40 years. Now that you're
retired, I'm not doing it anymore." I told him if he needed help, I would
teach him. He accepted that, and now, he actually seems to enjoy it. When
I meet the girls for lunch, I tell him there are plenty of fixings in the
fridge, and to "help yourself."

Now when I vacuum, I do the living room and tell him, "You can do the
bedroom." When I change the sheets, he's right there with me. When I
threw my back out loading the dishwasher and couldn't do anything for a
few days, he said, "No more of that -- from now on, I'll do the dishes."
He never knew what the inside of a grocery store looked like. Now he does
all the shopping.

I let him know his help means a lot to me. When he doesn't feel well, I
take over his duties. I haul the trash and cut the grass. He never fails
to say, "Thank you." When I was in the hospital, he did all the laundry.
When I got home, he kept us well-fed.

People who care about each other take care of one another -- and it's not
a duty, it's a pleasure.---J.M., Boca Raton, Fla.

Dear J.M,
This is all well and good, but how is the sex???? Is the sex good????
If the sex isn't good, it's just not worth it. Tell him to put out or
get out.
Anne Landers.

I strongly believe that if Clinton could run again, he would win by a
land slide. A lot of people don't like Clinton, but none the less, i
think most people feel safe with him as our president. Hes no great
president, but no one is scared he is going to get us blown up, or send
us to some stupid war, or knock down our forrests in search of oil.
People feel safe with clinton bercause he has proven himself as some one
who is one of us, just a guy who likes to get laid and doersnt want to
loose his job. At the same time, i think he comes accross as some one
who likes people, which is an important trait in a president. He also
isn't very prejiduced, and has made efforts to include more types of
people into our country, as his hate crimes bill i think was a very
important and comendable one. He cirtenly has lots of things about him i
don't like at all, that I hate, but i'm not worried TOO much about how he
effects the country, as I am with the two canidates who are currently
dead locked in florida.

I find the whole dead lock situation intresting because everyone is
talking about it, everybody is intrested. Not since the OJ SImpson days
of 94 and 95 has the nation stopped so readily awaiting the news. Will
the country be found guilty or not guilty??? Will the entire countyry be
put to death??? I'm pulling for gore personally, but i have been
convinced for a year now that bush would win. How ever, i don't care a
whole lot becaus,e no matter who wins this election, we are in trouble.
Bush and gore are both horrable and I don;t think either one will do an
ouncve of good. We just got to hold tight for 4 years. Niether bush
nor gore will last more than four years. However, i must say in the
event of the president getting shot, I much prefer Dick Cainy to Joe
Liberman. I do believe of that group of four evil people, joe liberman
is by far the most evil. For that reason i would prefer bush. Bush is
also pretty funny, he tells good jokes and seems to have a good sense of
humor. Thats his other plus. I stronmgly disagreee with him politicaly.
Gore tends to say more things that i like, but what he says doesn't mean
anything cause he tends tro do the opposite. The reason i prefer gore is
cause i think that what he says might set a good example for others. How
ever, some times i think hes worse than bush. I do hate him
p[assionatel;y. Thus, i do not care how this dead lock unlocks its self.
Today's America lacks pride, and this doesn't help the problem one
bitsy little ounce.

Well, thats it for now. Good nite and have a nice eveing. I have
uploaded 3 songs to my web site that were NOT used one my new album,
hence they are "unreleased tracks" availble only on mp3 on my web site.

A Chef Known For Cooking A Great Slab Of Dog,
Lance Romañce

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