181: I Moved
6:23:00 11\25Nite

Well, after a hastey life in los angeles, I have moved back to providence. An apartment at 198 Angell st, just 4 houses off thayer st, is where i am right now. So here are my new address and phone number.

Ben Garber
198 Angell st (side door)
Providence, ri 02906


I never really went to los angeles. I have been living hastily with my parents and have finely moved out for another year of not going to school. What I REALLY do now is work at the Brown Bookstore almost every day. I really do live in this new apartment though. I now live less than a block from the bookstore, which is good cause if i have to be at work at 10:00, then i can set my alarm for 10:05 and still be at work on time.

Listmember Matt R is a brown student. He once showed me a student lounge at brown which contained a Nintendo 64. I went back later and took it and it is now in my apartment. It has 4 controllers, James Bond, and Mario Kart. Its funny that a year and a half ago i was complaining about how my room mates stayed up all night playing James Bond and i hated it, but i now have it and love it. The thing then was I hated my room mates. Now i don't have room mates and I like james Bond. I also have about 12 other games, but those are the important ones cause they are 4 player.

Its a nice apartment, its big. With a fold out couch its 100% crashable so you can stop by when you can't drive home. I am going to get a second fold out couch soon for more crashabillity.If you stop by, go to the right side of the building. As of monday, my door bell will be clearly marked. For now, hit the button marked "2." You may recognise my building as a former Tarrot shop.

Well, thats whats happening to me. WHats happoning to you???

Atourney At Play,
Lance Romañce

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