180: Maddonna RIP
3:21:00 11\50Nite

Yesterday, Madonna anounced a new child on the way and today she passed away. That was the dream I had last night. I felt bad that Madonna had died but was happy because Madonna has lived her life, she had a good life and there is not a lot else that she can do that can make her life more complete. The tough part was listmember Lani R, who was very sad.

Have you ever noticed that most commercials these days dont do or say anything that relate to the product until the last 5 seconds? Of course you have. So then how come all commercials come in 30 second spots??? By cutting that time in half we would make EVERY body happy: Us tv watchers would only sit through half the commercials, and the people making the comercials would surely cut production costs. 15 seconds is plenty of time to get your point accross. In fact, a truley effective commercial should get the point accross quicker than it takes to read a bill board in the highway. Even 15 second would be more than enough, but i think its a good number to settle on as fair. The TV companies could charge to buy a 15 second spot as to buy they currently do for a 30 second spot because there would be the same amount of spots available. Sure we would have less time to go to the bathroom or get something to eat, but i strongly believe the bennafits would be WELL worth it. Leave it to Lance Romañce to come iup to a simple solution to an easy problem.

The first letter this week is from Kriston S. of Shelbyville, USA:

[dear lance]
I completely agree with your complaint about the Simpsons reruns...it pisses
me off sometimes.
Kristen S.

Dear Lisa,
would you like to have dinner with me some time this week?

The 2nd letter this week is from Emily S. of Winter, Equinox:

Dear Lance,

Love and Cows,

Dear Emily,
What are you talking about??? I think your crazy.

Whats going on with my new CD??? I want it to be a lot better than the last one, so I think I'm gonna wait another year. Hear is the current track listing:

A Day In The Life
Do The Blink (And Take Your Pants Off)
Bruno Brown's Big Funky Ass Beat
The Bussing Song
Disneyland Of My Heart
The Let's Hear It For Fire Safety Song
The Kids Song
Kung-Fu Fighting
The Winky-Doo-Dinky-Lippy-Loo Song
Macaroni, Macaroni
Money (That's Not Quite What Want)
Mrs. Doubtfire's Boogie Bop Hop Shop Chop
The Offensive To Women Song
The Aviation Song
Singing In The Shower
Let's Get Naked
Lance Romañce's Wiggle
Holly's Song

On the web site front, LANCE'S MEMORY has been taken down for repairs. New Fartwork has been added. I also now have my own chat room. I also have a new photo. You can also ORDER MY CD. Check it out at www.giantrats.com and be square.

On a side note i would like to anounce that I have picked my favorite song to officialy be Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Picket. Michael Jackson's "Ben" came in a close 2nd. You know that song is about a giant rat named Ben?

Well, until next time, word em up and peace em out.

Man In Motion,
Lance Romañce

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