179: Sonnets Set To Mail Order
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All right, kids.  I have perhaps the biggest news youve gotten all year:  My cd is now available through online mail order.  That's right!!!  Now YOU can just hop onto the www.giantrats.com and click on the merchandise button and order my CD.  The cost is $5 and shipping is free.  You can use Visa, Master Card, American Esspress and Discober.  So, Laura S, its about time you bought my CD, wouldn't you say??? If you don't like it you can return it and thefirst 3 tracks are available on MP3 else where on my site.  Thank you.

Your Dog's Food,
Lance Romañce

PS.  Here is the rest of the mailing.

I would like to welcome new list member Llama S.  Llama is a gardener for many of the rich families on the far end of Long Island.  She makes very good tips and can answer any question you have about plants and gardening.

Milk is something every body needs.  Everybody has it in their house, every body goes to get more when their out.  Its the only thing that even starts to compete with water.  Wether you drink it a lot or not, its just a standard part of your refrigerater.  Something so standard, and practicly an essential part of your diet, should be free.  I believe that it would be a good idea to have running milk into thehome.  In the sink you would have two faucets:  one water one milk.  Why should you have to run out to the tsore to get more milk???  Milk should be on tap and ready when you need it.  You get as much as little as you want, when ever you want.  Just like water.

The simpsons is one of the few shows on TV that is both popular and good.  It is also currently the number one show in syndication, and if you live in any place that gets TV reception, then you probably get a channle that shows 2 Simpsons reruns every night for a whole hour.  Now this is all well and good and thanks to the reruns I have been able to see almost every simpsons episode.  How ever there are still a good 50 or so that I havent seen yet, and it seems i may never see them.  The problem i have with simpsons reruns is they show the same episodes over and over again.  The Stone Cutters episode was great the first 8 times, but they show it every other week.  Same with the Who Shot Mr Burns? saga and the one where Lisa goes to the museum on the bus and gets lost.  These are good episodes but I want to see the ones that I havent seen yet, or even ones i havent seen in a long time.  The episodes they show now are also all relatively recent.  They show Sideshow Bob episodes all the time, but the origional one, Krusty Gets Busted, one of the most classic and important eppisodes from the show's first season, hasn't been shown in ions!!!  Or the episode when homer gets hair was another great one that just has never been duplicated but raely repeated.    When will they show those again???   I have most of the first 4 seasons on tape, so I watch those a lot, but the rest of you are missing out.

Well thats it for now.  Go over to www.giantrats.com and order my cd.

The Complete Idiot,
Lance Romañce

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