178: Killing Mrs. Doubtfire
2:24:00 11\29Nite

Yo bitches. I gots ta gots ta start off by welcoming new list member Alex. D. Alex is a numb skull.

I am currently suffering my first vacation since August. One week off is what I'm getting, I go back to work on Tuesday.

The grammies were on last night. Were they worth the cost of the show??? Well, I wanted to know what the average christina agulera fan thought, so I went into the Christina Agulera chat room to get the real scoop. I Instant Messaged 100 different fans and this is what I learned:

Fans Who Said They Were Pleasd - 46
Fans Who Claimed Disapointment - 17
People Who Werne't Aware - 37

What this shows is that the grammy show was generaly succesful, as most Christina Agulera fans who saw it liked it. How ever, it is also learned that The Grammy people did a very poor job making them selves known, as 37% of the Christina Agulera fans I asked didn't even know who won. Not that is a problem, its just intresting to know. Its also intresting to know that most of the Christina Agulera fans who don't know how the grammies turned out would most likely be pleased if they found out.

Here is a new episode of the real world. First off, some back round. This girl IMed me out of no where, and thats that. Its long and I don't expect you to finnish it. Here goes:

2:16:00 8\22Nite
actress33 (8\22Nite): hello
HippoBreth (8\23Nite): hello
actress33 (8\23Nite): i like your info
HippoBreth (8\24Nite): why thank you
actress33 (8\25Nite): you like acting?
HippoBreth (8\26Nite): its ok. i prefer things like cops though
actress33 (8\27Nite): then why was your sn in performing arts?
HippoBreth (8\27Nite): i don't know!!!!
actress33 (8\27Nite): oic
HippoBreth (8\28Nite): awsome
actress33 (8\29Nite): so what do you look like?
HippoBreth (8\30Nite): that little kid on rosanne
actress33 (8\31Nite): the little boy?
HippoBreth (8\31Nite): DJ
actress33 (8\31Nite): d.j. or whatever
actress33 (8\31Nite): oh yeah
HippoBreth (8\32Nite): yeah thats the one
actress33 (8\32Nite): oic
actress33 (8\36Nite): im blond hair, blue eyes, 5'6, 100lbs
HippoBreth (8\37Nite): is that so?
actress33 (8\37Nite): yup
HippoBreth (8\37Nite): get out of town
actress33 (8\37Nite): i must sound boring to you
actress33 (8\38Nite):
HippoBreth (8\38Nite): whays that
HippoBreth (8\38Nite): i cant even hear you
actress33 (8\38Nite): i know you cant hear me
actress33 (8\39Nite): ?
HippoBreth (8\40Nite): you do?
actress33 (8\40Nite): i dunno what your talking about
HippoBreth (8\40Nite): you don't?
actress33 (8\41Nite): no and how old are you?
HippoBreth (8\41Nite): 75
actress33 (8\41Nite): yeah right
HippoBreth (8\41Nite): im serious!
actress33 (8\41Nite): how can you look like the little boy on rosanne if your 75
actress33 (8\41Nite): ?
HippoBreth (8\42Nite): well im more wrinkled than he is
actress33 (8\42Nite): hello?
HippoBreth (8\42Nite): howdy!
actress33 (8\44Nite): yeah ok sure
HippoBreth (8\45Nite): your not very convincing
actress33 (8\46Nite): i dont believe your 75 and whats up with your info saying your a mother of 3
actress33 (8\46Nite): ok im leaving your kinda strange
HippoBreth (8\47Nite): ok, what can i do
actress33 (8\47Nite): send me a pic of you
HippoBreth (8\48Nite): ok whats your address
actress33 (8\48Nite): katy@cantrall.com
HippoBreth (8\48Nite): i cant send in email, i will send you one in the mail
actress33 (8\49Nite): no then
actress33 (8\50Nite): then i dont believe you
HippoBreth (8\50Nite): well how am i supposed to prove it to you then???
HippoBreth (8\50Nite): i cant very well email you the photograph thats impossable
actress33 (8\50Nite): not really
actress33 (8\50Nite): its called a scanner
HippoBreth (8\51Nite): yeah its called 30 billion dollars to buy one
HippoBreth (8\51Nite): look, you buy me a scanner and i will scan you in the photo
actress33 (8\51Nite): yeah right its called get your grand son or daughter to get you one or just daughter or son
actress33 (8\51Nite): if your really 75
HippoBreth (8\52Nite): yeah its called im not allowed to see my children
HippoBreth (8\53Nite): no because we don't get along
actress33 (8\53Nite): sure
HippoBreth (8\53Nite): i bet your not even a good actress!
actress33 (8\54Nite): i bet i am , your a 75 year old dj woman with 3 kids who cant see her/his kids because he/she doesnt get along with them and tries to get peoples adresses to send them pics
HippoBreth (8\55Nite): hey yoiur the one who wanted the pic
actress33 (8\56Nite): so you could prove you were really 75
HippoBreth (8\57Nite): yeah, and i cant send you a picture with out an address. i can't very well tell the mail man your screen name
actress33 (8\57Nite): hahaha not funny
HippoBreth (8\58Nite): why are you so mad at me?
actress33 (8\58Nite): tell me the truth
HippoBreth (8\58Nite): but then i would be lying!!!
actress33 (8\59Nite): tell me the fuckin truth
HippoBreth (9\00Nite): who are you??? why are you hurassing me?
actress33 (9\00Nite): im not
HippoBreth (9\00Nite): but your saying im not real
actress33 (9\01Nite): just wanted to say hello cos i was bored so i got your sn and i imed you and your info says your a mother of 3 but you say your 75 and you look like a little boy so i am very confused
HippoBreth (9\01Nite): well i made that profile a long time ago
HippoBreth (9\02Nite): and im supposed to believe your a 100 pound blonde?
actress33 (9\02Nite): that doesnt have to do a thing with what im talkin about
actress33 (9\02Nite): i am
actress33 (9\02Nite): even ask a million sns i could give you
HippoBreth (9\03Nite): i bet you some 9 year old punk who looks like the little kid from rossane
actress33 (9\04Nite): whats up with you and rossane
actress33 (9\04Nite): you can type fast for a 75 year old man/woman
HippoBreth (9\04Nite): i was a secratary
actress33 (9\04Nite): oic
HippoBreth (9\05Nite): what movies have you been in, miss basinger?
actress33 (9\06Nite): none im not that much of an actress i just like to act in plays and stuff
HippoBreth (9\06Nite): plays are dumb. why dont you make movies
actress33 (9\07Nite): because im 13
HippoBreth (9\07Nite): so there was 13 year old in jurassic park
HippoBreth (9\07Nite): why werent you in that?
actress33 (9\08Nite): because im not a popular actress
HippoBreth (9\08Nite): so your not very good?
actress33 (9\09Nite): no big director has seen me act
HippoBreth (9\10Nite): have you ever seen cops???? you should start there
actress33 (9\10Nite): no its ok i dont like cop movies
HippoBreth (9\10Nite): its not a movie its a tv show, stupid!!!
HippoBreth (9\10Nite): thats the show where the cops arrest people and then they show it on TV
actress33 (9\11Nite): whatever
HippoBreth (9\12Nite): what you dont believe me???
HippoBreth (9\12Nite): boy your the most skeptical persoin ive ever met
actress33 (9\12Nite): no i believe you i just dont really care about cops
HippoBreth (9\13Nite): niether do i. i watch cauyse i like the criminals
actress33 (9\13Nite): alright then go rob a bank or are you too old for that?
HippoBreth (9\14Nite): honey, they'll kill you for robbing a bank
actress33 (9\15Nite): so your old enough now
HippoBreth (9\16Nite): no im too slow, they'll get me ina minute. i can't run
actress33 (9\16Nite): thats nice
actress33 (9\16Nite): so...
HippoBreth (9\17Nite): wow. your bitchy tonite
HippoBreth (9\17Nite): is everything ok?
actress33 (9\17Nite): yeah im fine not that you care
HippoBreth (9\18Nite): what do you mean i don't care
actress33 (9\18Nite): how can you know how i act other nights i mean how do you know i dont always act like this
HippoBreth (9\18Nite):
actress33 (9\19Nite): talk to my friends
actress33 (9\19Nite): thell tell you im 13
HippoBreth (9\19Nite): they are all IMing me!
actress33 (9\19Nite): k then
actress33 (9\19Nite): u believe me?
HippoBreth (9\20Nite): would that make you happy?
actress33 (9\20Nite): it would make me happy if you told me the truth
HippoBreth (9\21Nite): buit then i'd be lying
actress33 (9\21Nite): tell me
HippoBreth (9\21Nite): you wouldn't wantme to lie to you, would you?
actress33 (9\22Nite): if your 75 and you look like dj or your a mother and you have 3 kids-tell me which one is it
HippoBreth (9\22Nite): im both
HippoBreth (9\22Nite): i have short hair and im short
actress33 (9\22Nite): how is that possible?
actress33 (9\23Nite): i thought you saidj is a little boy but your a woman?
HippoBreth (9\23Nite): its just how i am
actress33 (9\23Nite): how can you look alike?
HippoBreth (9\23Nite): yeah he was pretty girly lookin when he was 12
actress33 (9\23Nite): ok then thats creepy
HippoBreth (9\24Nite): are you scared?
actress33 (9\24Nite): did any of my friends im you? NO im not scared at all
HippoBreth (9\25Nite): yeah, ALL of your friends IMed me
actress33 (9\25Nite): no i have more friends then 3
HippoBreth (9\26Nite): well most of them did
actress33 (9\26Nite): i have 67 online but a thousand at school
HippoBreth (9\26Nite): thats not true no body has 1000 frends
actress33 (9\27Nite): i do
actress33 (9\28Nite): whod you get warned by?
HippoBreth (9\28Nite): i dont know!!!
actress33 (9\28Nite): was there an sn?
actress33 (9\29Nite): HippoBreth: i think shes in love with me
actress33 (9\29Nite): I AM NOT
HippoBreth (9\29Nite): no there wasnt. yes you are
actress33 (9\29Nite): no im not
HippoBreth (9\29Nite): dont be embaressed. i don't mind.
HippoBreth (9\31Nite): ok ok ok!!!!
actress33 (9\31Nite): HippoBreth: she says her mom has been giving her a hard time about how she lies on the internet
actress33 (9\31Nite): dang your messed up stop lieing to my friends
actress33 (9\31Nite): and me
actress33 (9\32Nite): what time is it where you live?
HippoBreth (9\32Nite): 9:30. why?
actress33 (9\33Nite): just wonderin cos you should get some sleep
HippoBreth (9\33Nite): no no im not tired. If i go to sleep now ill never get to sleep in the morning.
actress33 (9\34Nite): oh ok
HippoBreth (9\34Nite): is that ok?
actress33 (9\34Nite): ahhh ill help you, who is warning you?
actress33 (9\34Nite): is what ok?
HippoBreth (9\34Nite): oh never mind i guess it is
HippoBreth (9\35Nite): i dont know its anonymous
HippoBreth (9\35Nite): its not like the warnings do anything but say "warning" next to them
actress33 (9\35Nite): yeah your right but i dont like getting warned cos it makes me feel like people hate me
HippoBreth (9\36Nite): thats not true, 1000 people like you
HippoBreth (9\36Nite): right?
actress33 (9\36Nite): yeah
HippoBreth (9\38Nite): so then what are you worrying about?
actress33 (9\39Nite): i hate warnings dont you?
HippoBreth (9\39Nite): no i dont care
actress33 (9\39Nite): i think if you get 100% you get kicked off aol im for awhile
HippoBreth (9\39Nite): no ive had 100 many a time, never bothers mee
HippoBreth (9\40Nite): in fact its better cause you dont get "youve been warned" messages any moree
actress33 (9\40Nite): youve been warned alot before?
actress33 (9\40Nite): wow why?
HippoBreth (9\41Nite): not much
HippoBreth (9\41Nite): some lousey kid warned me cause he was broed

Thats it for now!!!! see ya later!

The Russian Ostrich,
Lance Romañce

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