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What the dilly donkeys and donkettes??? The month is a movin and a groovin and a smoothin and a snoozin. While most of you have been failing to get adjusted to the brand new school year, well underway by this point, me, myself, as well as I, have been enjoying my wonderful year (or more) off. Workin full time, and some times less, a the local collage bookstore, i watch them spend hundreds of dollars on their text books that they won't even need after 3 months and gloat proudly about the fact that i'm not spending a dime on these dman text books cause im not going to school. Insted, i get paid. On average I have been earning about 300 bucks a week, sometimes more some times less, but i never get that much cause the damn IRS is fucking me up the arse, often taking away two of my 8-hour work days. Work is nice though, i like the people and shit. Its all good.

It should be noted that I am still working on a move to LA. I have met myself a student who comes here from the LA area, who I hope to nail. But seriously folks, i talked to her for one minute, so i think will talk to her again and try to get moire help with what part of the city to try to live in, and shit like that. It will all be good. I have long been pondering weather to go by the end of this month, as I would like to, or after the new year, so i can spend the new year in the company of people I all ready know. Well, you can probably guess I hope to leave after the new year. By then of course, i will probably say i am leaving in march, but I hope to get out west by january. Its a tough thing to do, you realise, to go to a city where i don't know a soul and try to live a lone. Ive never even seen the city really, except when I was 6, but that doesnt count. But its a challenge, and i am comfident that everything will go smoothly and well, just slowly. Though I do not currently plan to return to the ocean state someday, i don't have plans any time soon. As you know, I was planning to run for Mayer of Providence. Well, I hit 2 snags: I have to be 25, and I don't want to get my legs broken. I wont be 25 for at least 5 more years, maybe a little more. The legs broken part, well, heh heh... But i do kind of like the mayer as is. It was these thoughts that made me say "fuck it, i'll just run for govener". So I will run for govener insted, and I will return once I am old enough to do so, maybe sooner.

I am continuing to work on my second record. It is taking longer than I hoped it would. I currently have enough newly recorded material to fill make an album of great length, but most of it sucks. I assess i have about maybe 15-30 minutes of material which i like enough to put on the next record. I have issued a 45 minute preview of the next record, with every song I found even some whaat worth while. I plan on giving away a few coppies at my concert this sunday. The songs included are as follows:

A Lullabuy
Stomach Fly
Disneyland Of My Heart
Nuttin But A G Thang
Money (You're What I Want)
Kung-Fu Fighting
The Shower Song
The Bus Song
The Kids Song
The Shooting Song
The Offensive Song
The A Boy Named Jane Morgan Song
The Love Song
The Song I Got Hired To Write For Some Kids Birthday
Dum Ding
Macaroni, Macaroni

I plan on recording The Erectial Disfunction Song tomarrow, my day off. The album is currently called Automatic For The People. This will likely change, considering Sonnets Set To Music was origionaly going to be called The Chronic.

Remember I have a concert coming up this weekend. I will be giving away not one but two televisions! It is at 10:30 pm at The Green Room in downtown Providence, in the jewelery district (we make jewlery?) The address is 145 Clifford st, and it is a part of Snookers billiards hall. Admission is free, so yopu dont need money to come, there will be other bands, 2 tvs will be given away and . It may be a sunday, but keep in mind that the next day is columbus day, so you dont have to wake up for school so you can stay out later so you can come see the show.

Anyhoo, thats it for now. See you sunday.

an am/pm kind of guy,
Lance Romañce

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