172: Come See Me In Concert
9:29:99 11\40Nite

A week from this coming sunday, being October 10th, I will be playing live at the Green Room here in providence, which is right next to Snookers, on chestnut street, I believe. Billed as Lance Romañce and the Federal Roosters, we will be coming on stage at around 10:30 pm. Cover is free, drinks cost money, there will be biliards to play and we will be playing for a good amount of time. We will NOT be playing any covers which is what fucked up past gigs. However, like past gigs, there will be prize give a ways, including two televisions and special preview CDs of my next album. Sonnets Set To Music will be available at the show so if you dont all ready have a copy, this will be a great chance to get one. Thre will be other bands, though i don't know who, and the next day is a holiday so you CAN come even though its late on sunday night. If you have any questions let me know. I will try my best to send out another mailing list to remind yall and i will be posting flyers all around town. I hope to see you there.

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