171: Hangin With Mr. Cooper
9:21:99 8\30Nite

So, this is what happens: Not long after I wrote the last mailing list, it comes to my attention that i have a tumor, so I spend the next 6 weeks in some gay ass hospitol preparing for surgery and recovering. Well, things are now back to normal and I am back home.

In actuality I have just not felt like writing another mailing. Though my health is undoubtably poor, its all just piling up for when Im an old man. But for now im fine. Yopu know, its been 10 years since I saw the New Kids On The Block in concert. I still have fond memories of the New Kids On The Block. I didnt much like their first single, which i believe was I'll Be Loving You Forever, but then Hangin Tough started to get some airplay and I was hooked instantly. That was 10 years ago, that was the last teen pop revolution, which died with in 2 years in favor of the alt.grunge scene. Everyone's musical taste changed immediately. A lot of people hated the new kids, but Top 40 was what all us kids lissend to. Milli Vanilli, Bel Biv DaVoe, Bobby Brown, Young MC, MC Hammer... Ah, those were great days. Baggy pants, snap bracelets and the simpsons were brand spankin new. Everybody had that "Don't Have A Cow Man" t-shirt. With such fond memories of the teen pop culture that dominated my pre-teen years, it is very hard not to be some what fascinated by the new teen pop revolution. This revolution seems more sharply aimed at the young ladies than the last one, which fascinates me even more. I like the teen pop that comes out now, no matter what any body says. I detest most arguments against teen pop. A loty of people don't like her cause "she doesnt write her own songs" or "she doesnt play her own instruments." I say "Niether did Frank Sinatra." Some people say ist too comercial or that she has no talent. Well, those may be true but i dtest these arguments as well. They are nice songs as songs, ment to be catchy and poppy. I made Sonnets Set To Music with the same intentions.

I particularly like the Backstreet Boys's "Everybody," Britney Spears's "Sometimes" and Christina Agulera's "Genie In A Bottle." I like it significantly more than the 2 rock artists out these days: Kid Rock and Korn. I think the songs are very nice little catchy tunes that, if they were not marketed the way they were, would actualy be quite likeable to most people. The only thing I don't like about the new teen pop is that its all the record industry bothers with any more. There is no new rock artists coming out, all the modern rockers are just ones from years past with new albums, but no body new. The record industry has said "Well, teen pop makes more money than anything else so lets only make teen pop." This is like the sports industry saying "Well, footballs make us the most money so lets stop making every other kinds of ball." This has disapointed me greatly.

Remembering 10 years ago, when i saw New Kids in concert, or 9 years ago when I saw MIli Vanili, i had a lot of fun. New Kids put on a great show. They didn't have any wild stage set or some prerecorded tapes, they brough a band a long to play the songs and just sang the night a way, which is exactly what I would expect from a vocal group. The samekind of show you might see in the younger days of other vocal groups like the Temptations or the Village People. To this day i think it was one of the best concerts I ever saw. A few weeks ago I went to see Britney Spears in concert. Now, I didnt know what to expect, and I went with an open mind, and i do like britney's music. But let me tell you this ranks among the worst concerts ever. Basicly, they just played a tape and danced. But worse yet, the dancing was poorly choriagraphed and the tape was poorly produced. IM not going to get technical about it, but you could not here a thing. YHou couldnt tell what was being said or what instruments were being synthesised, just really really bad and very disapointing.

I now work at the Brown Bookstore at Brown University. I work full time and there most of the time it is open. I am moving to LA sometime this fall. I fully hope to join the entertainment industry, even if I just peel potatoes or something. Anything is good for me, and the fact of the matter is that the entertainment industry is in LA. If I want to do anything at all, that where i got to be. I may not get anywhere but thats ok, because if i stay here, I haven't even tried. And if I go to LA and never get any where, at least I lived in the city I have to live in to have even tried. If I stay here in providence, I can't even say that. Im going to go out there and just get a plain old job, at some store or something and thats how im gonna start. Plans at this point are grim, but just getting out to LA is the first step, so I will keep yall posted. I don't know when Ill come back, Im gonna come back when i feel like it, im in no hurry.

Thats about it for now.

The Aorta of your Achy-Breachy Heart,
Lance Romañce

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