170: Blair Witch Project vs My Labido
8;2;99 2\45Morn

Everyone knows that incest is a fantastic thing, right?? Well, there is something about it that i just don't get and has been on my mind for several weeks now. Lets say you get your daughter pregnet, ok? So your daughter has a kid that that you fathered, and grand fathered. So are you the father or the grand father??? The simple answer would be both, but i don't like that answer. If you can help me out here, please do!!!

Ah, the blair witch project. Today's hyped up horrer movie: should you see it??? Yes. Its not quite as scary as you might think, but its still very good. Very creative and origional. not to mention this movie is very believable. The whole time i sat through the movie, i kept wondering if it was real or not.
This movie is much scarier than any of the Scream movies, how ever, if you want to see a really scarry movie, i think you'd be better off renting the shining. But in the end, Blair Witch Project is well worth your money. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being best, it gets an 8.

I had a dream the other night. A dream where I turned on TV, just to see what was on, only to see Dan Rather. Aparently, China had launched some of the nuclear missles the usa sold to them, and they launched them at the USA, and we had 6 minutes before they hit us. I changed the channle to find Tom Brokaw saying the same thing, then one up stairs to see the paper, which also said we had 6 minutes left. Was this dream mearly a dream, or an eirie precursur as to what lays in the near future??? There are only 3 ways to find out.

Last night we went to Seakonk Grand Prix, a local go-carting place on Route 6, in Seakonk. We went on the family track and we got to go maybe 2 or 3 laps before they made us stop. Now, keep in mind that this is a huge track, and 2 or 3 laps takes 7 or 8 minutes. Out of the 15 or 16 people on the track, I finshed 3rd, but was lucky enough to be the first car in my row, which ment there was no one in front of me, and nothing stopping me from going another lap. I hesitated for about a minute, and kept looking back, wondering if i should stay where i was like i was supposed to, or keep going. Soon as the last car pulled up behind me, i took off to get my self another lap. Unfortunately, i only got in half a lap before the guy stood in front of me so i had to stop and he said "get out and walk." So i did. That was awsome.

JHS231 (10\36Nite): Do you shop online or know anyone who does?
HippoBreth (10\36Nite): nope
JHS231 (10\38Nite): Ok thank anyway and be sure to check out www.awesome.web.com
HippoBreth (10\38Nite): ok
JHS231 (10\38Nite): If you have shopped online then please check out www.awesome.web.com
HippoBreth (10\39Nite): are you a nerd?
JHS231 (10\40Nite): well at least my name isnt fluffy
HippoBreth (10\40Nite): your stupid

upon this, he set my warning level to 10%, so i set his to 35%.

Also of note, me and list member Nate D. pimped our way in to Brown University after hours and stole some class room suplies.

A Sleepless Chicken's Head,
Lance Romañce

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