168: Eyes Wide Shut: A Space Oddisy
7;19;99 4\39Morn

Well, on a side note, I leave for new york tomarrow, being tuesday, where i shall be for a week, or possabbly longer??? Nothing much decided. I shall be attending David Letterman, Woodstock 99, other shows, wondering new york, and of course visiting hombres. If you would like me to pick something up for you in new york, maybe an elvis watch, or a piece of brooklyn, let me know. Who knows, maybe i'll get it for you. We went to see letterman a few weeks ago, chris rock was on. That show is great on TV, but when you see it in person, man its 1 billion zillion gatrillion times better. So i will see him again this week.

I also had the honor of seeing Eyes Wide Shut opening weekend. If you have not seen it yet, i suggest you skip over this next paragraph and go see it. It is going to win the acadamey award. I will not say much about it now, but go see it today, because you will have to eventually. If for some fucked up reason, you don't want to see it because you think its gonna be a porno movie and that idea scares you, shut the fuck up and just go see it.

The man who made Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick, is the very same man who made the film Clockwork Orange. When you see eyes wide shut, you will be amazed. Kubrick has an ability to make you think exactly what he wants you to think, he has a way of putting ideas into your head, and what goes through your head durring Kubrick's film is the same thing going through the head of everyone else watching, because Kubrick put it there, he went in your head and put it there. He does an exelent job of this in eyes wide shut, you become the character on the screen. Every thought the character thinks, you think, it never has to be said. When the character speaks, the character says what you you are thinking. This is how Eyes Wide Shut works. This is also how Clockwork Orange works, and Clockwork Orange does it much better. So, the basic point i am trying to make is, if you find Eyes Wide Shut at all amusing, which you will, rent Clockwork Orange. Kubrick also has other films, however, I have not seen them, so i cant recomend them.

So youve seen Eyes Wide Shut, as well as Clockwork Orange. When you see movies like these. you qiuikly learn how crappy the films coming out in the big theaters. Movies such as Big Daddy and American Pie are not even worth a quarter of the 8 or 9 bucks you pay to see a movie these days, but millions of people pay simply cause they don't know any better. Many kids today have never seen a quality movie. Want to see some good films? Martin Scorsese is another dirrecter who i really like. Quinten Tarantino is a directer who many of you probably know of but are probably too cought up in austin powers to really know. They are good cause they arent in for the money.

As i said before, I have insomnia. To keep my self entertained, I have started wtaching more and more films. From about 1 am till about 4am, i watch 2 films every night, which is about all i can afford. I am too lazy to tell you much now, so maybe another time. But for now, I have comprised a list of 10 films you should try to see while I'm in new york, and 10 films you must avoid at all times.

1. Eyes Wide Shut
2. Clockwork Orange
3. Bonnie And Clyde
4. Goodfellas
5. Taxi Driver
6. Dirty Hairy
7. Do The Right Thing
8. Reservoire Dogs
9. Annie Hall
10. Life Is Beutiful

If you have any films you would like to recomend, please send them in, let me know.

HERE ARE 10 FILMS TO AVOID (or seem em if you dont trust me)
1. Reality Bites
2. Empire Records
3. Water Boy
4. Lost World
5. Devil's Own

to be honest, i don't see enough bad movies to make this list. I really want to put American Pie and Big Daddy down, because im sure they are horrable, but i havent seen them yet. Though i have seen commercials and clips, and i can pretty much assure you they suck. I also want to put Austin Powers, I fuckin hated austin powers, but to many people would disagree which would make the list less effective, so I omitted it. But i dunno. Im gonna go to new york now so good night.

ACtualy, I should be around monday til maybe 5 or so, then we are going to the beach, so if youd like to come to the beach with us, come along. We have boogie boards!!! But i dunno. I am leaving tuesday so see ya later.

The Anchor Of The Love Boat,
Lance Romañce

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