167: Leaving Elton Street, I Am
6;27;99 4\05Morn

Hello, good nabors. By night I am an insomniac, but by day I am narcoleptic. It is now 3.23 am and, as usual, i cant sleep damn sleep. But all day tomarrow, I will be falling asleep, or i will fall asleep at 10 am.

I would like to take a moment now to welcome listmember Jon S. back to the states, and welcome a new list member, some guy named Adam. Welcome aboard.

Ah, so now I announce that I am moving soon, leaving this coast for another. I have tickets to see Britney Spears in Boston in September. After seeing Britney Spears, I will promptly head out west for a visit that will last months, likely years, maybe for ever. In the mean time are July and Augest. I will be spending about half of July in new york while augest is just gonna be more time to chill and finish up my 2nd record. which is about a quarter of the way done.

Well, I bet one question on all your minds is "What's OJ Simpson up to these days?" Well, I have had the honer of doing an interview with OJ Simpson rcently, so I now present to you, in
full, the interview I did with OJ Simpson

Lance Romañce: What was it like working with Leslie Nielson on the Naked Gun series?
OJ Simpson: It was a lot of fun. Leslie is a good guy. When we started doing the Naked Gun, I was kind of nervous; I would frequently stutter, shake, and forget my lines. Leslie was very supportive and helpped me over come my camera fright. He took time out of his schedual to help coach me, and by doing so he imediately became a mentor to me, as well as a life long friend.
LR: That answer makes you sound like a girl.
OJ: Takes one to know one.
LR: What are you up to these days?
OJ: I have been very busy. I am now working for NBC, I am one of the writers for Fraisure. I am also trying to take care of the kids, which is hard because I'm a single dad now, you know. Leslie Nielsonm has been helping me out a lot with them, he takes care of them a lot, hes kind of become their 2nd father. But every time i get a spare moment, I try to spend it with the kids. If i don't spend it with the kids, I try to spend it playing golf, which I really like.
LR: I'll bet.
OJ: Yeah.
LR: I have herd a rumor that a 4th Naked Gun is in the works. Is there any truth to this rumor?
OJ: Not at all.
LR: Do you have any plans to bring your wife back to life?
OJ: No need. She's still alive, Lance. She's still alive inside me.

T MAN19887: hi do i know you
Katie87632: i don't think so
T MAN19887: do you have a profile
Katie87632: yeah
T MAN19887: ok
Katie87632: cool+
T MAN19887: your a teacher
Katie87632: well, a student teacher
T MAN19887: oh
Katie87632: how about you?
T MAN19887: 5th grader
Katie87632: wow, i'm studying to teach 6th grade.
T MAN19887: oh

Ok, well thats it for now. Write in some mail and shit, stop by and visit me, find some new list members and buy my CD. Also, happy birthday to Pete M. Until next time, see ya later.

The Most Diseased Horse In The Barn,
Lance Romañce

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