165: i want to PARTY on your pussy
6;2;99 2\36Morn

Whats up, mutha fuckas!!! I had a great weekend. But let me begin by announcing a party. This friday, mutha fuckas, we be havin a big ol' ghetto ass party at the scituate resavoire, in the woods, by the water. It will be goin on probably from about 4 tile when ever and there will be swimming, naked if youd like, and you can sleep at the resavoire, or maybe some one's house. But sleep at the resavoire insted. Its at the scituate resavoire, in scituate. so bring some extra people too. This friday.

Here is a list of things you may want to bring to this party:

inflatable rafts
pool toys
a big ol' ghetto radio
camera (click click)
bbq sauce
hot mdogs
flash lights

things NOT to bring:

dave mathews
bathing suits

hell, bring a bathing suit just in case. a sweat shirt is recomended.

We went to the resavoire last friday to swim and chill and it was fun. It was me and carl and louise and kirson and jaime and katie and that red head girl witha funny name.

Also, the Red Hot Chili Peppers appear to be good again. I had the honer of seeing them Sunday and they were pretty good!! They have the same guitarist as they did on Blood Sugar Sex Magic and Mothers Milk. I got really in to the ppepers in 94, and when One Hot Minute came out, i got it the very day it came out, i was very excited. I got home, i puted on, and i hated it, I hated everything but Pea. It was a shame to see one of my favorite bands turn so shity in just 4 years. Well, that guitarist left, they got the old one back, and they played here sunday, and they did not play ANY songs from one hot minutes. Not even one!!! They didn't even play many songs from the new album. They played a few though, and they sounded pretty good. In the record industry, Tuesday is new release day, and next tuesday, one of the new releases will be the new chili peppers album and i will be getting it the very day it comes out. I'm excitd. woo hoo. yippy. yay.

Well, most of you failed to come to my concert yesterday. It was at list member Derik Y's house in Little Compton, and Derik Played Bass, as me and Dick played guitar and some kid played rums. There was a pile of hey where a mosh pit started and i dropped my hamurger in it. There was also a slip and slide and some hot girls, then we took some of the girls for a ride. We played Carolina, Kung-Fu Fighting, 20 Flight Rock (cover), Stand By Me (cover), The Crustation Song, Urinal Urinal and maybe one more, but i forget, we ran out of time. But there were other bands there too and they were pretty good. The next gig hasnt been set yet, but come when ever it is, ok??? Until then come to the party friday.

LANCE'S REPORT ON THE 1990s: How It Started, What It Became, And How It Will End

The early 90s were a time of heavy cigarette smoking, crazy hair, rebellious fassion, and a surgence of musical wealth, as popular culture hit one of its most intresting times. The early 90s were officialy kicked off with the release of Nirvana's "Nevermind," which introduced thw world to a few relatively unknown genres music, which mainly consisted of grunge, alternative, and what I refer to as "bassist music", which is perhaps the most lost. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden became the leaders of grunge, alternative was lead by bands such as Gin Blossoms, 10000 Maniacs and Blind Mellon, and Bassist Music by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Rage Against The Machine and the Beastie Boys. But was just the rock music!!! Top 40 had its own thing gowing. Another Bad Creation, Color Me Badd, MC Brains, TLC, Kriss Kross.... top 40 radio was filled with great pop tunes. The east coast was pumping out rap hits from Black Sheep and House Of Pain, while the west coat made gangsta rap the thing, with Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg. And everything was cross over too, all the white kids were bouncin to Dr. Dre while Dr. Dre was blasting Nirvana on his home stereo, music was more unified than it had been in almost 25 years. However, it wouldn't last forever. When culture hero Kurt Cobain was found dead, things slowly started to decline. But the decline was sped up the more corperate america cought on, Woodstock 99 marked the end of the era. Things then turned into the bland boaring white cap ruled popular culture, where classic rock replaced modern rock, and the only modern bands that were popular sucked, only being popular because there was nothing else to lissen to.
With the decade coming to an end, the alt.grunge culture that ruled the first few years have been forgotten. Every one cut their hair and took off their plaid, and threw out their chucks, in exchange for fleases, sports utility viacles, white collage hats and a cup of starbuks coffee for the cup holder, making one of the most bland and boaring eras of american history. Everyone looked the same, music wasn't doing anything..... On top of that, all the bands have dissapeared, and the music industry has broken down. We all know what happened to nirvana, as did happen to the Gin Blossom's hit song wrighter, gin blossom front man ODed, Soundgarden Broke up, Red Hot Chili Peppers got a bad guitarist and turned shitty.... The early 90s ended the same way the late 60s did: dead leaders, break ups and woodstock. Geffen Records, an early 90s leader in the record industry recently went out of buisness, and another one, SubPop, is almost at the bottom. It seemed the 1990s would end on a sad note, blandly and boringly.
But hark, what made 90s will now make one last mark before it becomes just a memory. Corperate America has stopped paying attention, so its good timing. But check this out. On the top 40 side, we have TLC. TLC is now huge, and is largely written and produced by Dallas Austin, who was a member of, and one of the two driving forces behind Another Bad Creation, the other driving force being Michael Bivens. Michael Bivens was also in Bel Biv Davoe, who, by contractual obligation, have to make another album. Snoop Doggy Dogg is trying to go back to the G-Funk he did back in the early 90s, Dr Dre is as well, and Naughty by nature is back too. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have returned to their early 90s sound, as have the Spin Doctors. 10,000 maniacs just released their new album. Rage Against The Machine, Primus, Stone Temple Pilots... they all are finishing up new albums for the summer. Though Soundgarden is no more, frontman Chris Cornell's solo album is on its way, and the remainng members of Nirvana are assembling a box set which will include a lot of unreleased material, as is Alice In Chains. The early 90sseemed to end all at once, and it seems that they will reamurge the same way.
This small reamurgance will not be long, however. It will likely appeal be intresting more to the 20 somethings, who were teens at the time, and today's teen generation probably won't be paying much attention to it. The Rolling Stones have had several releases since their era ended, but fail to be considered modern rock. Same with Bruce Springsteen, even though he is more popular today than Korn. This is how all these bands will likely be regaurded. This leaves the early 90s bands in a tough postition, because the Genres of music that these bands play do not fit as well on modern rock radio as they did 5 years ago. The releases become insignificant and only mark a passing in time.

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