164: I Have A Concert Monday (Come See Me)
5;28;99 3\49Morn

Yo, all!!!! First off, here is info on my concert which i am playing this monday, on memorial day. THis will also serve as this week's episode of "The Real World":

HippoBreth (10\39Nite): does the instructions ready yet?
Specwar100 (10\41Nite): well whats the highway out of providence toward fall river...195 east right?
HippoBreth (10\41Nite): do i llook like i know?
Specwar100 (10\41Nite): you take that and in fall river get onto route 24 south
HippoBreth (10\42Nite): done
HippoBreth (10\42Nite): will be many adults?
Specwar100 (10\42Nite): keep going until you get to the last exit for tiverton right before the bridge
Specwar100 (10\43Nite): go left and down main road toward little compton for like 10 minutes and you'll come to a light at the intersection where gray's ice cream is
Specwar100 (10\44Nite): keep going straight another 5 minutes or less until on the left you see peckhams greenhouse where you take a left down peckham road
Specwar100 (10\45Nite): continue down hill a couple miles and as you start to go uphill again on the left is Burchard ave ...my street
Specwar100 (10\45Nite): go half mile down and on your right number 48 theres horses and a black mailbox and i'll have some kind of sign or something
Specwar100 (10\46Nite): got it?
HippoBreth (10\47Nite): whats the address
Specwar100 (10\47Nite): there'll be adults but not too many
Specwar100 (10\52Nite): 48 burchard ave
Specwar100 (10\52Nite): if you get lost the phone number is 635-2505 and i should be around
HippoBreth (10\54Nite): awsome
Specwar100 (10\57Nite): so you'll be there
Specwar100 (10\57Nite): around 12:00

If you have any questions, email derik at specwar100@aol.com or call him, his phone number is in that real world up there some where.

So i hope to see you all there!!!! Particularly if you play the drums!!! Check this out: My drummer has to go to a funeral!!! Leave it to death to ruin memorial day. Well, any how, my drummer suddenly can't make it so if you play the drums, let me know cause i need you. You don't need to practice or know any of the songs, just play along. If you are free on monday, you are hired. Maybe you don't really play the drums, well thats ok. It doesnt matter if your a terrable drummer, I wont laugh at you, unless you make a joke. But just come to the gig and play the drums, ok??? You will NOT need to bring a drum set, there will be one at the show.

I have started recording songs for my 2nd album, which may or may not be called "To Hell," and have recorded 3 songs, 2 of which are considered album material. The album ready songs are "Disneyland Of My Heart," who's lyrics you read in the last issue, and "The Kung-Fu Song", which you can hear in MP3. Download it from http://www.giantrats.com/kung-fu.mp3 and let me know what you think.

Thats all i wanted to tell you, so see ya on monday!! Thank you!!

Mr. Isreal,
Lance Romañce

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