162: Spread You Ass And Fly
5;17;99 11\07Nite

hey dudes. I would like to denounce my self as a solo artist, as i am now a duo. Though we aren't a dynamic duo, the other member of my duo is a dynamic microphone. A Shure 55SH Series II elvis sort of microphone, who i have named Titsy. Titsy is to me what Lucielle is to B.B. King, only Titsy is made of chrome. On play bills, you will always see both our names, we will be listed as Lance Romañce and Titsy. However, i will often be backed by a band, who wil most comenly be referred to as fEDERAL rOOsTerS, so the bill will actualy read Lance Romañce and Titsy featuring fEDERAL rOOsTerS.

One such bill will be in less than two weeks. On Memorial Day, which is next Monday, May 31st (not today), me and Titsy will be playing a cook out at a barn!! there will be hamburgers, girls and hay. There will also be non-burgered cows, as well as 4 or 5 other bands. Here are some of the other bands:

Melvin and the Shitpunks
King Sooper

featuring pending:
No means Yes
Lynchpin (dave, gimmie a call so you can get booked)

This event is sponserd by list member Derik Y. He will give me directions for the next mailing, but it is in Little Compton (we stay the hell out of little long beach). But the event will start some time around noon i guess, but you can get there late.

My backing band, the federal roosters, have been undecided for this event as of now. If you would like to join the federal roosters to play this event, please let me know. If you can play an instrument, sing, stand, sit, dance, or take off your clothes, i invite you to join the federal roosters and do something on stage with us.

Still not intrested in coming???? Well, did i mention this country time jambory is going to be free??? You get to eat hamburgers, lissen to bands play, sit on some hey, eat cows, pet cows and hasve food and yopu dont have to pay a dime. isnt that great?? If you can, or would even like to bring some food, please do. Bring some hamburgers of your own or some water melon or some chicken parmisagn, and that would just make it nicer. You don't have to, cause its free, but that would just be considered "polite." But again, we'd rather you not bring any thing and show up than bring something and stay home.

Check this out. At every show of mine, we give a way prises. Normally just one prize. But they are always good prize. For instance, our show last friday at moses brown, we gave a way a TV. We might be giving away another tv!! or maube a walkman or a transformers comic book. The prizes have not yet been chosen. But, because this is a special jamboree show, we will be giving away extra prizes, not just one.

So if youd like to come, come!! If yoiu want to go with me let me know. But come along and have a great memorial day. you can bring some friends too i guess. And its all thanks too listmember Derik Y. So thank Derik Y. We hope to see you there!!

the lyle lovit of christmas,
Lance Romañce and Titsy

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