161: Devil Went Down To Georgia
5;13;99 1\04Morn

And he is welcome!!! Whats goin on mo fos!!! Whats up??? I am watching Craig Kilborne. I cant sleep. You know what some one said to me recently??? I am the Big Labowski. My superviser when i worked at tower records told me i was the dude from big labowski, only i was more laid back and did even less. Im down with that. I liked that movie. Whatchall think of that?

I have been looking for jobs. I have applied to Jeff's Sandwiches on Thayer st, but i decided i dont want to work there so i skipped my interview. Insted, i would like to work at store 24. I might also try the Cable Car Cinema. Ironicly, it is at the cable car that I saw the big labowski. I am also thinking about Stereo Discount Center. I could sell stereos.

Girls love my record. Girls adore it. A lot of guys buy my record for girls. Girls dont like to buy my record. But check this out. So far 3 people hae gotten coppies for them selves, and an extra copy fopr their girl friend. I find this intresting. I am replacing the ever classic gift of flowers.

Ugh. This list sucks. Well, lets see. What a can i ah do.... how about a letter. this one is from Vikki H. of T-Boz, Lefteye:

thanks ben for consoling me on my distressing day
working at newport creamery is none too bad, except the customers can be
really rude. as for the thing about working and doing nothing as opposed to
working hard, i work hard at the creamery but the time passes really
quickly, so it is better than doing nothing, at do nothing jobs i get bored
but if any of you list members come into the cremery please dont be mean to
vikki, me, i am doing my best, and we all make mistakes, thanks

Dear Vikki,
Fuck you. Go back to england.

os. just kidding. lets go to block island.

the 2nd letter is from Mike B. of Deer, Hunter:

this is mike baker from lafayette, louisi-ohmygodit'sfuckingboringhere-ana.
anyway, i was writing to tell you and everyone on your list that it is so
fucking boring here (as i mentioned above) that i will be taking a little
vacation back home in good ole provi-ohmygoditsfuckingboringhereTOO-dence.
it will be in late june, i will be expecting a party and everyone can email
me at spdrcr5@hotmail.com. even if you email me stupid stuff, i dont care, i
am homesick and need to laugh. ok? by the way, my left big toe is bigger
than my right.

love and apple cobbler condoms,
mike baker

Dear Mike,
check it out now, the funk soul brother. right about now.

I have more than a year ahead of me.

Mr. Erection,
Lance Romañce

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