160: Schools Out Forever
5;9;99 10\25Nite

Hey kids. I am for ever done with school and have started on the
road called life. No more school getting in the way of things, no more
room mates being asigned to me..... it will be great. This past
simester was a lucky cause i got one room mate who was pretty cool. The
other one.... i have a prized picture hanging on my wall of me and Dick
Dale along side a personal autograph. Its one of my favorite things, and
i think my other room mate, David, stole it. Where does he live??? Im
gonna kick him. I think he also stole my duffle bag, which made it
rather hard to bring my clothes home, as well as a couple magazines,
which i dont care about, and a 60 dollar towar records gift
cirtifficate... grrr!! that dirty thief. On the other hand, i have no
proof. These things are all missing, quite mysteriously, and i am just
blaming him. Though its possable he did steal, i cant call him a thief
cause that would be dogmatic. I'm sorry Dave. But the bright news is
I'm done with school.

I'd like to take a moment now to welcome new listmember Jake S. Jake has
epilepsy so dont send him any shocking email.

Some of you were at my cigity concert the other night, others werent. I
played drums and vocals as list members Nate, Dick, carl, and non list
member Geo backed me up. Against my better jugdement, we opened with a
threatining version of "Parents Just Don't Understand." by DJ Jazzy Jeff
And The Fresh Prince. That went ok. Then we tried to play my origional
composition, "El Autobus Es Grande," but i forgot the words. We tried it
twice. A TV was given to one lucky audience member. Then Dick and Carl,
against my better judgement, sand a song called "Matt Rufo". Next was an
audience request, we played Ice Ice Baby not my version) mixed with "Kung
Fu Fighting", which some one yelled out so i made it up. and that was
that. A lot of people liked it, so they sauy,l but i was dissapointed.

check this out -> i guess the show went ok cause it resulted in three
more gigs!!! I will be playing a checkers pizza here in providence at
some point, some body hired me to play a sirprise birthday for somebody
else, and some other kids want me to play base ball with them. So im
down with that. After giving away 2 promos, I also sold 5 CDs!! THats
great!! Unfortunately, that only leaves me with 3 more CDs left, which
will likely be gone by tomarrow, meaning YOU can't have a CD if you don't
all ready have one. Well, not right now at least. I need to make more,
but have no where to make them. I would like to get them professionally
reproduced, and i would likely get 2000 made because thats the best deal:
2000 CDs for $2000. Getting less is not cheap enough for it to be worth
it, and also not enough. But i do not have $2000!!! rats. So, if you
would like to donate some money, i will give you some free autographed
CDs to you and some of your friends.

I'd also like to send a shot out this evening to list member and creamery
waitress Vikki M. I went to the creamery today tof ind vikki have a
distressing day, from the second she arrived, so hopefully this shot out
will help her unwind. Maybe shes not distressed and i am wrong, but she
seemed it. So sorry if you arent distressed, so i hope you are
distressed. You know, a good questioon about working is would you rather
work in a place where you dont do shit or in a place where you have to do
alot??? A lot of people wol;d rather not do shit, but let me tell you,
you get bored out of you fucking ass!!! I am not good at the jobs where
you don't do shit. I have had 3 and i got fired from all of them.
Sorry, i got side tracked. Anyways, if you are at the Creamery on Angel
st. and Vikki is your waitress, make your own food, cause vikki isnt your
personal maid. It aint cool to stress her out just for the hell of it,
get your own menus, you know where they are.

Anyways, thats it for now. Until next time, fuck you.

Me Tender,
Lance Romance

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