159: Dig That Pop
5;1;99 2\54Morn

Through out the ages, people dig Popular Music. Be it Britney Spears, Pearl Jam, Frank Sinatra, or Beethoven, all had the catchy melodies that it took to be a popular music sensation. When you think of the late 1960's, you generally think of music thats not so poppy. But the fact is that people still loved it. In fact, the number one song of 1969 was not by Jimi Hendrix, The Who, or even the Beatles. No, the number one song of 1969 was by The Archies. Thats right, the comic strip. What song did they sing? The ever so poppy "Sugar, Sugar." Man, thats a great song.

Last week i wished happy birthdays to a couple of people, one of them being Casey A. Whooops!!! I ment E. Alex R. Sorry, Casey!

My latest release of unreleased tracks has been unreleased do to lack of being a good lissen. It will wait till i have more unreleased material that is intresting. Only one copy was ever distributed.

Letters this week from, firstly, Ice, Burg native Pete M, listmember:

oyez. i almost forgot!!! henry dunlevy (also known as crazy henry)
is supposedly coming out with a record soon! that is what he told me.
but then again, he once told you that you were the drummer from
soundgarden. oh well. look for him on http://www.cca.org .

bye again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Pete,
I now drum for pearl jam.

Ive gotten a bunch of other letters this week but they were all album requests, and there for useless. I dunno what ill do with them, but ill think of something.

Here is a new song i wrote. It hasnt been recorded. What do yall think? Its called "The Salad Song"

the salad song
8:15 pmish

i like pizza
its chease and pizza sauce
pizza is fantastic
pizza is the boss

i like milk shakes
they are big and tall
they come in different flavers
they taste better than my balls

i like french frise
i like that salt taste
when i am hungry
i stick french fries in my face

i like butter scotches
they are small and good
i would eat a billion of them
but only if i could

i like french toast
with syrup and butter
its not really french
when i finish one i have a nother

i like chease burgers
they have grease running down
they are so goo tasting
that they own the town

i like cereal
there are many different kinds
but the kind with marsh mellows
are the kind that blow my mind

i like licorice
i like both black and red
if it werent for licorice
id probably be dead

i like artichokes
the only vegatble that i like
their green leaves and heart
dipped in melted butter is just right

but i hate salad
it tastes like crap
yes i hate every kind of salad
easting some makes me mad

i hate sald
yes i hate sald
i hate salad
yes i hate salad

Thats that song.

Next item in this mailing, Lance gets political: my views on the combuline high school masacre of last tuesday or so. Something you should read and discuss with your seniter. You all know i strongly support contraversial figures, but here is some reasonable testimony:

The events that took place at Combuline High School were undoubtedly tragic and shows how stupid some people can be. But in the wake of the shooting, the music industry, and particularly taken the blame, particularly Marilyn Manson, who some have even called a murderer. It seems silly to blame Marilyn Manson for this, and completely ignore the fact that the two kids involved with the shooting were OBSESSED with Adolf Hitler, who was not only a murderer, but a mass murderer. Adolf Hitler killed a lot of people, then killed himself, avoiding punishment. The gunmen in the Cumbuline shooting killed a lot of people, then killed them selves, avoiding punishment. Doesn't that sound similar???? The two gun men reportedly gave each other Nazi salutes and said "hail Hitler" quite frequently. They were Adolf Hitler copy cats, that's plain and obvious. Why does the media seem to miss this??? They weren't copying Marilyn Manson, they just listened to him. Adolf Hitler was the "bad influence" in this case, someone they most likely learned about in school.
Further more, more than any influence, was the kids own free will. The kids didn't have to do what they did, they weren't forced to, they chose to. They have the same free will that you and me have, you and me both could have done the same thing, but we both CHOSE not to. This means that, more than any one else, the KIDS are to blame. Stop trying to look for excuses and other people to blame, the kids committed the crime, its their fault. The media insists that it was Marilyn Manson's fault, but it wasn't, it was the kids fault. They did the whole thing themselves. How hard is that to see???? The fact that people have failed to see these things, and insted point blame almost soley at the music they lissened to, just goes to show how stupid people are.
if any amendment is to be challenged because of the this incident, it should be the sixth, not the first. Gun control seems like a much more reasonable, less harmful step than music control.

"People are trying comes in to sort out what happened and to deal with their losses. It's not a great atmosphere to be out playing rock & roll shows, for us or the fans. The media has unfairly scapegoated the music industry and so-called Goth kids and has speculated -- with no basis in truth -- that artists like myself are in some way to blame. replies to the This tragedy was a product of ignorance, hatred, and an access to guns. I hope the media's irresponsible finger-pointing doesn't create more discrimination against kids who look different." -Maralin Manson

Well, thats it. Remember, support contriversial figures because they ultimately help pave the way to more freedom. I invite you to share your views and argue with me. But, until next time, throw ya gunz in da air!

the fresh prince of bel-air,
Lance Romañce

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