158: I Hate Your List
4:28:99 2\38Nite

Hey kids. I have a concert commin up on friday May 7th, and i hope that it should be offensive. Its at moses brown school on lloyd ave. in providece on on the friday after this one and im not sure what time, but ill let you know. Some of the people im playing with are students at the school and are afraid they will get in trouble if im offensive. Well, we'll see. But no matter, come and see me. CDs and tapes should be available, and so justr come see me, dudes!!!! Its the first gig of the summer!

Also, a new release has been released by me, a boot leg, filled with out takes, unreleased versions and remixes of songs rom Sonnets. Its only available on tape and is free.

Happy belated birthdays to Casey A. and Marc O. who both turned 19 about a week ago, and to Lani R. who turns 28 today.

Thats all. Until next time, come to my concert.

a dead man trapped in a living man's body,
Lance Romañce

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